As vaping continues to gain popularity, VaporFi keeps you ahead of the curve by providing you with a range of innovative and
As vaping continues to gain popularity, VaporFi keeps you ahead of the curve by providing you with a range of innovative and advanced vaping devices. Our selections range from vape pens to e-cigs, and vaporizers to complete starter kits. All VaporFi hardware is optimized for you to get the best out of your e-liquids and dry herb selections. We stock highly customizable vapor pens for the beginner vape fans and advanced vape MODS for the seasoned vapor. Whether you’re just starting out with your first electronic cigarette or you’re looking to get an extra kick from our custom vaporizers, VaporFi has the products to suit your needs.
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VaporFi is best known for being an online emporium of quality vaping gear throughout the world. Our site has expanded over the years to feature the single largest selection of e-juice flavors, as well as great technology from a wide range of companies including our very own creations. 

History of VaporFi

When VaporFi first entered the game, we set out to provide users with straightforward, simple vaporizers that were a step up from the e-cigarettes of the day. The create custom vape juice recipes. This system made it possible for vapers to find a flavor that worked perfectly for them, and order their favorite flavors on demand. Soon, VaporFi started working with vapor enthusiasts from some of the other big names in the industry, creating top-tier devices and juice flavors that spread like wildfire. Today, we continue down this path of expansion and collaboration, introducing vapers to all kinds of new experiences at every turn. 

Why Vapers Choose VaporFi

The number one reason that vapers turn to VaporFi is the selection. VaporFi has more variety in one place than nearly any other vapor company on the planet. We have done an incredible job of helping new vapers find their way, while also catering to high-end vapers who want more advanced technologies to explore. Furthermore, the continuity of our devices was enviable at a time when other manufacturers were rolling out mismatched box mods at every turn, forcing vapers to relearn the framework and setup process every time. 

VaporFi makes sure that all of our devices are easy to pick up and intuitive to set up without the learning curve. Finally, VaporFi has become a social experience as well. Our customer service team is one of the most effective teams in the industry, helping vapers find their way, making suggestions for products, and processing returns in no time. Likewise, our learning center and their review pages have become a major hub of information where users can comment and share their experiences as well. This is the most complete library of vaping knowledge available today. 

What Products Does VaporFi Carry?

VaporFi set out to be your one-stop-shop for all things vaping. Our site boasts more than 30,000 e-juice flavor combinations, as well as box mods and vape pens from every major manufacturer in the industry. We have expanded our selection of accessories to feature a wide range of different tanks, tips, and atomizers to help you find the solution you've been looking for. Most recently, VaporFi has also added a collection of helpful tools and materials for building your own coils. Plus, VaporFi carries all of the batteries you could ever need alongside advanced charging hubs so you can keep your batteries safe all the time. No matter what products you need to fulfill your vaping dreams, VaporFi has it in stock and ready to ship to you in no time. Plus, VaporFi is known for releasing screaming deals each season as we announce bundles and promotions. 

What Makes VaporFi Different?

VaporFi has really taken great care to become a central hub for vapers of all kinds. We have put a lot of time and energy into producing great products in their own right. We have made sure to produce products that people really want, and solve problems that other manufacturers have left untouched. Most importantly, we have proven that we can be truly consistent and dependable with our products and liquids. We are also one of the best sources for international shipping and delivery of vapor products, serving the globe with fast delivery at an affordable price. 

If you have been looking for a place to do all of your vape shopping, VaporFi is the way to go. You can find everything from the simplest e-cigarettes to the most advanced box mods all in one place, along with refills and accessories to help you maintain your system over time. Don't forget to check out the gift bundles and featured products that are released every month for even more excitement. If you haven't already tried your hand at mixing your own e-liquid, now is the time to try it out. You can order your custom flavors in any quantity and strength you desire and have it delivered straight to your door. 

VaporFi and Manufacturing Quality

One of the key contributors to VaporFi's stellar reputation has to do with the quality of the products that are built by us. VaporFi's box mods have excelled across the board thanks to the consistency of the design and the components within. Compared to other manufacturers who have released boxes with very different designs, it is the similarity between VaporFi's devices that have made them stronger. All of these box mods are subjected to the same level of quality control and scrutiny. They are all built to the same standards based on the features that they share. For consumers, this makes the products easy to use as you scale up your vaping rig, but it also ensures that there are standard and straightforward fixes for all mods in the family.


You have probably also noticed that VaporFi mods lack a lot of the exaggerated features that other mods have. Part of the reason is that streamlining creates fewer failure points for the device. For instance, VaporFi found a battery door system that works well, and they rolled it out across all devices evenly, while other companies change up their door design with every new release. VaporFi believes in finding the best way to do each task and sticking with it.


The User Experience

As mentioned above, VaporFi has really focused on ease of use and flexibility as core components of our designs. By creating a family of mods that all share the same basic software and menu structure, it is easy for any user to pick up a device and start vaping right away. You can buy matching large and small devices so that you will have more options for portability, and the setup will be almost identical. VaporFi products are very easy to experiment with because even if you start with a pen style vape, you can easily step up into our box mods without feeling intimidated.

Many of the features will already be familiar, and you will have access to the entire line of accessories as you go. This means you have more flexibility within the VaporFi brand to mix and match tanks, coils and other components without having to pay an arm and a leg each time you want to try something new. All in all, VaporFi creates incredible value for our customers with the interchangeability of parts. No matter where you end up with the VaporFi line, there is always plenty more to explore.