Geek Vape

Geek Vape is just a few years old, entering the vape scene back in 2015 as a tiny glimmer of innovation and hope on the horizon of the vaping industry. They quickly impressed vapers of all kinds and made their way into the inner circle of what we consider pro-level vaping. Now, just about everybody knows that Geek Vape is a serious player here to get things done and take vapers to new heights.

The History of Geek Vape

When Geek Vape first began, there was a serious shortage of affordable RTAs available to vapers. Not only were there few vape manufacturers making them, but there were constant shortages of the most popular tanks since they would sell out quickly. Plus, the landscape was fraught with overpriced options that under-delivered, and a ton of clones that were mucking up the place. Geek Vape set out to build an affordable, dependable atomizer that would change the game, and they did just that. Their very first release, the Griffin, saw huge success almost immediately, and they harnessed that excitement to roll out several more products that covered drip vapers and drip tanks as well. So far, there is nothing they can't do well at a budget-friendly price. In fact, they have even expanded their product line to include their very own advanced vaporizers, proving that they push themselves to do better at all times.

Why Vapers Choose Geek Vape

While the number one reason that people choose Geek Vape has a lot to do with their pricing, it really all comes down to the quality of their products. Even a cheap tank won't sell if it doesn't produce adequate clouds. Fortunately, Geek Vape has done plenty to earn respect in the vaping sphere by creating atomizers of all kinds that exceed expectations and put their competitors to shame.

Furthermore, Geek Vape has been ferocious in their research and development, rolling out new and more powerful atomizers on a consistent basis. They have not kept vapers waiting, or teased them with empty promises. They set a goal and then they deliver.

Today, Geek Vape offers some of the most advanced atomizers and tank systems on the market. They can play with the big boys, so when a vaper is looking for a tank to go atop their competitive cloud chasing rig, Geek Vape always has an answer.

Which Geek Vape Products VaporFi Has to Offer

VaporFi Australia is proud to offer a complete collection of Geek Vape products including the Tsunami RDA and the Zeus RTA. We also carry several of their box mods so that you can explore Geek Vape's vision of perfect vaping with their Blade 235W starter kit. We look forward to adding even more incredible Geek Vape products to our selection as they roll out new improvements and exciting new technologies in the future.

What Makes Geek Vape Different?


There are several factors that make Geek Vape's products different. First, the build quality of their products is extremely high. As a smaller manufacturer, they have not run into the same quality problems that the larger companies have faced due to automation and mass production. Geek Vape still takes great care to ensure that their products hold up to their exacting standards. From the external design and aesthetic to the internal components, the fit and finish of every product prove they take their work seriously.


In addition, Geek Vape has truly focused on making the user's experience the best it can be. Their products are extremely easy and intuitive to work with. They are also flexible and can be used to fit any vaping profile. While many companies have struggled to fill different niches, Geek Vape has managed to claim a stake in every part of the vaping industry. You will find that their RDTAs are a masterful crossroads that allow vapers to explore both dripping and tank vaping without having to over-invest. Remarkably, their RDTAs do exactly what is advertised, rather than offering a sloppy, mediocre middle ground like other companies.

Plus, Geek Vape is going in all new directions by creating water-proof devices, and tanks that offer more innovative vapor path solutions. They have managed to control temperatures with interesting insulation properties and so much more. It is clear that they are leading the pack, not merely copying what has been done before. You can see for yourself when you order a new Geek Vape tank or drip atomizer from VaporFi Australia today. Just check out our collection and read the reviews to see what other vapers are saying!