Since being founded in Shenzhen, China in 2015, Vaporesso has established themselves as a leading manufacturer of vape devices, tanks, and accessories. The steadfast devotion to top tier build quality as well as constant evolution has made them a household name in the competitive vape world, not an easy feat! Let’s explore their collection…    Vaporesso Pod Systems 

Since being founded in Shenzhen, China in 2015, Vaporesso has established themselves as a leading manufacturer of vape devices, tanks, and accessories. The steadfast devotion to top tier build quality as well as constant evolution has made them a household name in the competitive vape world, not an easy feat! Let’s explore their collection… 


Vaporesso Pod Systems 

Vaporesso ZERO 2 Starter Kit

This awesome pod kit gives you premium Vaporesso functionality in an exceedingly compact and portable package. This sleek pod mod offers a 3mL e-liquid capacity, and 1000 mAh integrated battery and sports the hyper-intelligent AXON chipset…

Vaporesso XROS 2 Starter Kit

This excellent pen-style pod mod is extremely convenient and user-friendly for vapers of all skill levels. Built from durable aluminum alloy, this vape is tough and ready for on-the-go sessions. Dual firing modes and an adjustable airflow control switch give your control and versatility… 

Vaporesso Luxe Q Vape Pod Starter Kit

Want an affordable pod mod that delivers on features and style? Look no further than the fantastic Vaporesso Luxe Q. This pod mod starter kit contains everything you need to upgrade your pod rig. Choose but a variety of classy colorways to suit your own unique style!

Vaporesso Box Mods 

Vaporesso Target 80 iTank Edition Starter Kit

A truly epic box mod, the Target 80 iTank combo kit is meant to deliver serious sub ohm power. Regulated by the intelligent AXON chipset, this epic mod also boasts multiple modes of operation and 80 watts of power. Step up to the big leagues today!

Vaporesso Swag PX80 Box Mod

Turn your Swag on with this incredible box/pod mod hybrid. With 80 watts of output and a  4mL capacity pod, this device brings you the best of both worlds. Choose between a variety of shape colorways from imperial red, to sleek black, to gunmetal gray and more…  

Vaporesso FORZ TX80 80W Vape Mod

May the FORZ be with you… This box mod is a rugged beast that features IP-67 dust, water, and shock proofing as well as protective silicone accents. The AXON 2.0 chipset adds brains to the brawn and pushes the performance of this box mod to astounding levels. 


Vaporesso Tanks 

Vaporesso iTank

This gargantuan trank features a mind-blowing 8 mL e-liquid capacity. The turbo airflow system and liquid self-circulation system put this tank on the cutting edge of sub-ohm tech. Try yours today.

Vaporesso NRG PE Vape Tank

Serious about cloud chasing? Then you’re going to need a serious tank. The NRG PE delivers on all fronts. 3.5 mL e liquid capacity, dual bottom adjustable airflow, and stainless steel construction make this an excellent mid-sized tank to upgrade your rig to. 

Vaporesso FORZ Sub-Ohm Vape Tank 25

The FORZ sub ohm tank 25 is truly exceptional. A 4.5 mL e liquid capacity, pyrex glass reinforcement stainless steel construction, and GTR mesh coil compatibility make the FORZ a true winner.  

Vaporesso Coils

Here at VaporFi, we carry the entire range of Vaporesso’s incredible coils. From GT Mesh Replacement Coils to NRG GT Coils, EUC Replacement Coils and more, we carry all the crucial Vaporesso accessories you need to customize your rig and keep it running at peak performance. 

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Vaporesso is one of the most impressive vape brands around today. Against all odds, they launched themselves into the middle of the vaping marketplace and managed to take control of a niche sector. They continue to impress with each new release, and now VaporFi is here to bring you everything you've ever asked for from the Vaporesso family!

The History of Vaporesso

After several years of negative press, the safety of personal vaporizers was in doubt. The team of engineers behind Vaporesso set out to prove us all wrong. At their core, they placed a focus on providing superior safety in each of their devices. Through technical innovation, they made important headway in the fight against overheating and leaking components. They have set a new pace for the industry as a whole by showing consumers that vaporizers can, indeed, be used effectively without special training. 

Today, Vaporesso's hard work has paid off and they have released a range of high powered, dependable vaping devices that push the envelope. They have designed new tanks, coils, and other accessories that have rapidly accelerated their growth in the vaping industry. As they broaden their horizens, they have rolled out more specialized products to better serve the unique needs of particular vaping groups. 

Why Vapers Choose Vaporesso

Vapers as a whole have flocked to Vaporesso for a range of reasons. At first glance, many of the Vaporesso products offer a more stylish alternative to the plain boxes of other companies. Even their smallest devices have a bit of flair that makes them stand out. Vapers can appreciate that Vaporesso is giving them an accessory they are proud to show off to their friends and family. 

In addition, Vaporesso has given many vapers the confidence to move into larger devices with more power, such as mods. Their software and hardware advancements have improved the accessibility of vaping for everyone. More power with less setup continues to be in high demand. Vaporesso has continually impressed with their ability to accurately represent what you can expect from their devices without overselling it. When you read customer reviews, you will find that users are happy to get exactly what they paid for in terms of real wattage and delivery. 

Finally, many vapers have come to love Vaporesso for the overall dependability of their devices. Thanks to their impeccably high manufacturing standards and materials, these devices are built to last. From the internal components to the exterior finishes, you can hardly blame people for falling in love with Vaporesso products. 

Vaporesso Products

Vaporesso has rolled out a complete line of vaping products including high powered vaping starter kits, entry-level vape pens and everything in between. Recently, the company has also added a new Mini device to their lineup for even more convenience and portability. Vaporesso tanks and coils are also available to match up with your brand new devices. You'll find products aimed at every part of the vaping market from brand new vapers to the most extreme tricksters. These devices are designed with versatility in mind so you can grow with them as you explore new vaping techniques and different power configurations. The best part is that it's all backed up by the Vaporesso customer service promise, ensuring that your devices are always covered when you need assistance. 

Best Selling Vaporesso Products

Vaporesso has unleashed several groundbreaking systems over the last couple of years. Most notable among these are the Vaporesso Target and the Vaporesso Revenger. The Target Mini is their awesome new mini vape that features 40W of variable temperature control. The original Target Pro device was a wildly popular 75W device and gave way to the well-timed mini version. It is built for both mouth to lung and direct lung vaping, and it comes with Vaporesso's impressive dual child lock tank. This is a leak proof tank system that protects your vaporizer and your family at all costs. 

The Revenger is Vaporesso's flagship ultra vaporizer. This 220W vaping device will blow your mind with gigantic vapor clouds and smooth operations. It is a visually stunning device with a premium finish in four different colors. The screen and buttons deliver immediate satisfaction as you navigate through setup and take your very first hit. From there on out, you're just a gentle touch away from making your next big vaping discovery. 

Other best sellers in the Vaporesso collection include the incredible CCell Ceramic coils. These ceramic beauties are credited with a super clean and crisp flavor out of just about any liquid you choose. 

VaporFi is proud to offer the full Vaporesso catalogue online through our site. Now you can order a brand new high quality Vaporesso device straight from your most trusted vaping vendor. Just visit us online and place your order today!