Uwell is a leading vape brand in the vaping industry, known for designing and manufacturing a range of high-quality
Uwell is a leading vape brand in the vaping industry, known for designing and manufacturing a range of high-quality vaping products and accessories that stand out above the rest. Their mission is simple: to consistently strive to revolutionize the way people vape. They are a company that seeks to provide you with the best vaping experience possible, utilizing their knowledge to anticipate ways to make their products user-friendly and premium quality. Their products include high-quality sub ohm vape tanks and vape coils, including a few models that have become legendary in the vaping community. If you are looking for high-end vape tanks and coils that will change the way you vape, look no further than Uwell.
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The History of Uwell

Here at VaporFi Australia, we know that when you vape with Uwell, you're in good hands. That's why we've recently added a whole collection of awesome Uwell products to our site for our customers to enjoy. If you've never vaped with Uwell before, you're in for quite a treat.

The Uwell brand was built around the concept of a better sub-ohm experience. While many companies have tried to come up with tanks that handle sub-ohm vaping, they all seem to be missing something. Uwell solved this problem with the introduction of the Crown. Ever since, they have been pumping out deliciously smooth sub-ohm vape tanks that lead the pack in performance. If you ask any competitive vaper about their favorite tanks, the Crown is likely to be among their top three. They have had an astounding impact on the sub-ohm market, and continue to shake things up with each new creation from their labs.

Aside from their creative take on sub-ohm vaping, they have also proven to be one of the most consumer-friendly vape companies to come out of Shenzen lately. They have put their neck on the line time and again to guarantee customers have an exceptional experience, and they are always happy to help address any problems or concerns that might come up. This tradition is at the core of their company and can be seen in every aspect of their interactions with customers.

Why Vapers Choose Uwell

One of the things that makes Uwell so great is that they don't believe vaping is something we have to do to give up smoking. They believe it is something we should want to do because it is enjoyable and it provides numerous benefits over continuing to smoke. With that in mind, they have attracted thousands of customers by promising a truly great vaping flavor and feel that you can't find anywhere else.

In addition, their focus on serving sub-ohm vapers specifically is a big bonus for those who want stronger, larger vapor clouds. While other companies are busy trying to make everybody happy, Uwell has maintained a laser focus on mastering their niche. Down to the machining of each individual piece, their care for what they do is obvious.

Finally, vapers have nothing but positive things to say about the team behind Uwell. This company genuinely values every single one of their customers, and they are doing their part to show people that they mean business. They have gone above and beyond to prevent counterfeit products from making their way out, and they always check in with customers who have questions or comments about their products. They have remained highly approachable for those who want to make suggestions and gain expertise.

Which Uwell Products We Carry

The truth is that there were just so many great Uwell products available, we had to have them all. This means that you can now purchase the original Crown subtank, or you can try out it's sisters, the Crown 2 and the Crown 3. Meanwhile, we also picked up the brand new Nunchaku and the infamous Valyrian sub ohm tank. Basically, we couldn't keep our hands off of all the goodies they had to offer, so we brought back a little bit of everything for our customers to try.

While we were there, we made sure to stock up on all of the in demand replacement coils so you can come to us when you need a fresh set of wires to put in your atomizer!

Best Selling Uwell Products

Since its introduction, the Crown has been the best selling Uwell product over time, however, their latest advancements are sure to be hits. We're excited to have the Crown 3 in stock because of its awesome 5 ml vape juice capacity and innovative parallel coil structure. This versatile tank is leak proof and provides the user with absolute control over the airflow through their vape.

The Valyrian is Uwell's most technically advanced tank to date. It features a high capacity tank as well as a high wattage setup that is perfect for competitive vaping and cloud chasing. The flavors you will get out of the Valyrian will blow your mind and guarantee that you always keep this tank on your device.

The Nunchaku tank is a stylish new design from Uwell that adds flair to their finishes and offers a solid middle-range tank for those who want something both affordable and dependable. It combines much of Uwell's unique technology with a simplified dual airflow system for easy set up. The addition of pull and plug coils also makes this a super user-friendly choice.

Buy Yours Today

Now that you've seen everything Uwell has to offer, it's time to place your order here at VaporFi. We're sure you'll love everything that this brand has done for the vaping community.