Now proudly stocking vape products from all of the world’s
Now proudly stocking vape products from all of the world’s top vaping manufacturers, SMOK fills out the lineup nicely with some of the most technologically advanced products on the market. While they initially focused on products for more technically seasoned electronic cigarette users, they’ve since introduced products that meet the needs of vapers at all experience levels while still upholding their reputation of being durable and ground-breaking. SMOKtech vape pens and mods are some of the best on the market. Whatever your preference is, if you want a top-of-the-line vape pens that will fit your needs, VaporFi has got you covered.

The SMOK family of products has changed the face of vaping as we know it. Since 2010, they've been shaking things up with innovative new features and an eye on the future. They have successfully guided the way for new vapers to become experts in the field and have allowed everyone to see the greater upside to vaping as a technology. 

A Short History of SMOK

SMOKTech was a new kind of brand thought up by the Shenzen group in China. The goal of the brand would be to focus primarily on research and development of new vaping technologies that would lead to more enjoyable experiences for consumers. The results of this research began to pay off almost immediately with the release of two major SMOK vape pens. Following these launches came a period of further expansion into SMOK Mod development, which eventually led to today's most popular devices like the ProColor and the Priv One. These state of the art devices exemplify everything SMOK has learned in the last seven years and speak to what the future of vaping could look like if they continue leading the way.

Naturally, the development of new devices necessitated a whole new line of SMOK coils and tanks. Even these accessories became a notable part of the SMOK catalog for their unique airflow and heating capabilities. Even users of other brand devices often turn to SMOK to build a one of a kind configuration.

Why Vapers Choose SMOK Today

SMOK has proudly made a point of building their devices and accessories out of the most reliable materials available. They have found new ways of delivering heat and airflow with a cleaner flavor so you can make the most out of your e-liquid. However, there is one thing that has really given SMOK the upper hand. Their dependable products are all backed up by an industry-leading warranty program and a team of customer service agents who are always willing to answer questions. Behind the scenes, a team of software engineers is constantly rolling out updates for all of their top-end vaping devices so you can squeeze more power out of your old favorites. This has turned the average vapor device into a long-term investment, rather than a disposable toy. 

SMOK Products

A full description of SMOK's products would be quite exhaustive. However, there are several areas where they really shine the brightest. First, their starter kits are a simple, quick way for any vaper to pick up a new device and pair it with perfectly matched accessories. Each starter kit typically comes with a set of coils, as well as a SMOK tank that has been chosen by the design team to draw out the very best qualities of both products. SMOK also offers a wide range of advanced vape mods with the latest sub-ohm and temperature control features available. New vapers will delight in their user-friendly vape pens. Basically, SMOK has been in this game so long that they've covered all the bases and then some. Whatever part or accessory you need, you can be sure it is in SMOK's wheelhouse.

Best Selling SMOK Vape Products

If we had to name just one, we probably wouldn't be able to. The truth is that SMOK has done so much right in the last few years that it's nearly impossible to narrow down. Perhaps the most recognized device from the SMOK family currently is the ProColor 225W TC box mod with its distinctive shield-shaped screen. The ProColor was once at the top of the game, exceeding all of the other 200W mods that were on the market. However, SMOK recently sent another shockwave through the industry with the T-PRIV 300W device. The T-PRIV is nothing short of exotic. The SMOK Stick has always been a favorite among new vapers as it provides a simplified means of vaping without giving up the intensity and flavor of a more advanced device. It's the best of both worlds really.

If you've been looking for an affordable middle-ground vaporizer, the SMOK Alien dominated the market for several years and continues to be a favorite for our customers. It is comfortable without being overbearing and it has a long reputation that precedes it. You certainly won't be disappointed with an Alien in your collection. As far as accessories go, the TFV8 Cloud Beast tank has earned SMOK a huge reputation for clean, delicious vaping and super-dense trick making clouds. The smaller Baby Beast tank is also trending for those who have gone to using mini-vapes these days. It offers the same great traits of the original Cloud Beast but in a much smaller package.


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