The Innokin Story

Innokin has been a leading name in the vapor industry after finding the perfect solution for those who wanted a more exciting vaping experience after leaving behind their cigarettes. Ever since, the brand has been expanding with creative new products that have pushed vaping in all new directions.

Back in 2011 as vaping really seemed to be taking off, Innokin stormed the beaches with their brand new iTaste device. As the name implies, the iTaste revolutionized the way vape juices tasted. Up until this point, the vape industry had been plagued by lackluster flavor combinations that often got lost in poorly designed vaporizers. A combination of low power and limited airflow left many new vapers dissatisfied. The iTaste was the first step in solving this problem with variable voltage control and better charging capabilities that made it nearly invincible in the marketplace at the time. Today, the iTaste MVP is still going strong with plenty of new fans every year.

After their early success, Innokin followed up the iTaste with the Coolfire. The Coolfire has now lived through several generations, featuring expansive new features such as a glamorous screen display and a brilliantly designed case. It was the belle of the ball for those who wanted something super powerful but comfortable enough to carry around for the long haul.

Why Vapers Choose Innokin

Innokin has always surprised vapers by designing products that solved the most subtle problems of the vaping game. Enhancing vape juice flavors and making box mods easier to navigate is at the core of what they've been doing. All along the way, they've found ways to beat their vape device competitors by going the extra mile.

Over the last few years they have continued to roll out a full suite of vaping products that is perfect for transitioning away from cigarettes and into vape pens and more powerful mods. Starting from their simplest pens and working your way up, you can experience every aspect of vaping from multiple vantage points and find the device that is best suited to your style and tastes. There is nothing Innokin can't do.

Innokin also has a reputation for affordability and dependability. Their devices come at a price point anyone can appreciate, and you won't be left with a box mod that can't handle your demands. They have fulfilled their promise to customers by delivering technology that follows your lead and never disappoints.

What Innokin Has To Offer

Here at VaporFi, we're excited to offer a collection of Innokin's most popular products through our site. Now you have a chance to get your hands on your very own iTaste kit, the original Innokin standby. However, you can also enjoy the Coolfire IV 70W device that is blowing vapers away with it's huge vapor clouds and powerfully strong flavors, or the flagship Coolfire Ultra 150W TC model. We've also added the Oceanus 110W kit, a larger and more adventurous model from the brand.

Alongside all of their exceptional box mods, we added a whole suite of Innokin coils and other accessories to go with your devices. Plus, we made sure to stock up on the ever-popular Innokin Endura vape pen for those who want an intermediate pen-style device without all the frills. The Endura is easy to use and makes for a great budget-friendly option for any kind of vaper.

What Makes Innokin Different

If you're on the fence about which brand to buy, you can be sure that Innokin has something to offer. Their unique products offer a seamless way for anyone to pick up vaping and learn as you go. Their customer service team is second to none when it comes to helping vapers grow with their devices and learn the ropes. They are also perfectionists when it comes to design and serving their customers with products they can count on. When you call for help, they are there to answer that call with friendly, knowledgable team members and real solutions. It's a huge bonus to have a brand that is so reliable working on your behalf.

Best Selling Products from Innokin

While the iTaste and the Coolfire IV have been around long enough to amass huge sales, the hottest selling device in their line up today is the Coolfire Ultra. This 150W box mod has astounded crowds at vaping conventions and continues to produce vapor clouds large enough to keep up with the latest tricks. When paired with the Scion Sub Ohm tank, it becomes an unstoppable duo that is full of pure bliss.


For those looking in the mid-range, the iTaste MVP is a reasonable choice with a 100W rating. It's smaller than the Coolfire and easier to carry with less setup. It's an easy going device that doesn't demand too much of you all around. For stress-free vaping, this is the way to go.