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Horizon Technology is known for their innovative
Horizon Technology is known for their innovative vaping tanks and re-wickable coil systems. This is not surprising because Horizon has always had the goal of extending the life of your consumables and providing their customers with more pleasurable vaping experiences. As characterized by their vape products, Horizon prides itself on a simple and elegant design trend. They emphasize superior functionality, top manufacturing techniques, and the best quality they can provide. As other companies continue to engage in price wars that ultimately lower product quality, Horizon Tech does not compromise on the overall quality and functionality of the products. Our selection of tanks and coils are among the most innovative and popular options that are out there.
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Horizon Tech has been bringing new and exciting technologies to the vaping world for several years now. Recently, VaporFi has partnered with Horizon Tech to offer some of the greatest creations through our website. Before you begin shopping for a new Horizon Tech product, start here with a little bit of background on why this company is so great.

The History of Horizon Tech

From its earliest days, Horizon Tech hoped to make vaping practical for a larger set of the public. Despite the fact that vaping is typically more affordable than a cigarette habit, many people were concerned about the cost of constantly replacing coils, wicks, and other consumable components. This was a call to action for Horizon, and they set out to make the consumable parts of vaping more affordable and longer lasting. Meanwhile, they also hoped to make some advancements in the technology so that the average person would feel comfortable swapping out coils without worry. As such, they have released a number of products that can cut down on the maintenance of your vaporizer and simplify your life.


Why Vapers Choose Horizon Tech

There are many reasons that vapers have flocked to Horizon Tech. First, Horizon shows the promise of making vaping easier and more affordable. By improving the life cycle of all consumable parts, you will spend less time and money replacing coils and wicks.


In addition, Horizon has shown that they can be extremely versatile, creating a wide range of products that serve various vaping styles. They have also released a number of coil configurations that can be used to adjust the flavor and strength of your vape device up and down. Vapers love the flexibility to use one tank for multiple vaping setups with ease.


Finally, Horizon has also shown that their frameworks are built out of dependable materials with professional finishes. Each of their tanks is engineered to perfection and comes in a wide range of finishes so you can find a color and style that you love.


Which Products We Have in Stock

Here at VaporFi, we hope to share all of Horizon Tech's best tanks and accessories with our customers. Thus, we have already listed several of their most popular tank designs on our site, as well as some of their coil packs. You can explore a range of vaping possibilities using different styles of coils from Horizon.

What Makes Horizon Different

The biggest thing that makes Horizon Tech stand out from the crowd is their focus on tank and coil technologies. They are one of the few companies that have dedicated their entire R&D team to developing better tank solutions. As such, they have made advancements in many areas where other device manufacturers have faltered. By using superior quality materials, and building their coils to handle extreme vaping setups, they are serving the 100W+ crowd very well.


In addition, Horizon has proven themselves to be very responsive to users. In particular, they received reports of leaking tanks in one of their early models and immediately took action to solve the problem, later issuing a new version of the product that has held up to vapers' expectations.


Best Selling Horizon Tech Products

Horizon Tech has several best-selling products on the market today, but our favorites at VaporFi are the Arco 2 tank and the Falcon. The Arco 2 is the second generation of the Arco line and features an extravagant finish on the exterior. Horizon branched out to use innovative fiber and filter materials such as flax paper with this tank. The result is a denser, purer vapor cloud that prevents spit-back and allows you to ramp up your power nicely. The matching Arco coils are the perfect fit for this sub-ohm tank, and come in two different sizes.


Next, the Falcon tank offers another unique experience with its flax fiber e-liquid guidance system. This is designed to prevent dry hits and extend the life of your coils. There are several different coil options available, including a parallel coil set up. Using wood pulp along with the fiber enhances the flavor inside the tank and creates a more stable vaping experience. Nobody else on the market is experimenting with these materials at this point, and Horizon has found a way to make them even better.


Now is your chance to get your hands on this exciting new technology from the minds of Horizon Tech. You can check out all of their latest innovations here at VaporFi Australia and read up on their reviews!