Suorin Shine Vape Pod Starter Kit

When many vapers think of pod systems, they think of the Suorin brand. Suorin was one of the first brands to produce pod systems and many fell in love with their devices like the Suorin Air and the Suorin Drop. Now, they have another fantastic pod system for you to try, the Suorin Shine. 


The Shine is an open-pod system that’s streamlined, sleek, and perfect for on-the-go vapers or people looking for a device that’s more discreet. Read on to learn more about what the Suorin Shine has to offer. 




With a sleek, elongated design, the Suorin Shine has a zinc alloy body that seamlessly blends the pod and the base of the device. It measures 104 mm by 24 mm by 14 mm and it’s perfect for people looking for a portable, easy-to-handle device. 


It’s available in 8 different colors: silver, red, gold, diamond blue, mint green, space grey, teal blue, and black. 


At the bottom of the device, there’s a large LED light that indicates power levels. A green light means you have 70% or more battery remaining, blue means you’re between 30% and 70%, and red means you have 30% or less.

Suorin Shine Pods

In the Suorin Shine kit, you get a 1.0-ohm coil inside the pod. The pod’s cotton also wicks incredibly well.

On one side of the pod, you’ll find a black rubber port where you can load up your e-juice. The port should fit most e-juice bottle tips. 

The Shine pod snaps securely in place into the device. And resistance, max wattage, and its 2 ml juice capacity are engraved onto the back of the pod itself. 

People are loving the Suorin Shine pods for their sturdiness and reliability – you should expect no leakage from this product.



The Shine performs super well, giving off a warm and pleasurable throat hit. It also offers a really nice, smooth airflow and it has dual output options. 

The flavour quality is outstanding – robust and strong from long-lasting pods. 

Its working voltage is 3.3 V – 4.2 V and its max output wattage is 15 watts, giving you terrific vapor quality. 



The Suorin Shine has a strong 700 mAh battery that will charge in about 40 minutes – perfect for those with an active lifestyle who need to charge and go. It charges through a micro-USB.

The battery should last you all throughout the day, even if you are hitting it quite a bit. However, the Shine does have a full power mode feature, and if you’re on that mode all the time, you’re battery life might be a little shorter.

How To Use Suorin Shine

When you’re ready to use your Suorin Shine, you take the pod off of the device, pull the plug out from the side of the pod, and load it with your juice. If you’re filling your pod for the first time, let the pod sit with the juice in it for a few minutes before it’s first use.

Slide the pod back into the device, securely in place. 

You can activate the Shine by drawing from the mouthpiece, or by pressing the fire button. The fire button also doubles as an on or off switch if you press it five times. 

Also, you can choose between getting a strong throat hit with the Shine’s full wattage mode or improved flavour with constant wattage. Full output wattage mode is activated by pressing the firing button, constant wattage is engaged when you draw activate.

The Suorin Shine Kit


The Suorin Shine kit includes the following:

  • 1 Suorin Shine device
  • 1 Suorin Shine cartridge
  • 1 user manual that tells you how to use Suorin Shine 
  • 1 warranty card

When ordering the Shine through VaporFi, you also have the option of adding in a three-pack of replacement pods.

A Terrific Pod System

The Suorin Shine is loved by many as a functional, high-performing, high-quality, and reliable pod system.

It’s ideal for those who are on the go, but want the benefits of an open-pod system style. You can toss it in a handbag or a pocket – it’s perfectly transportable and offers such quality performance for its small frame and compact design. Get your Suorin Shine through VaporFi today! 

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