This incredible vape pen has so much to offer, we just couldn’t wait to write a vape product review all about it. If you’ve been searching for a small, powerful device to amp up your vaping experience, the VAIO GO Starter Kit is the way to go. Here’s a look inside the box so you can get a feel for what this device has waiting for you.

The Unboxing

As with all things from the VaporFi family, the VAIO GO starter kit arrives in a pristinely finished box with a clean, clear depiction of the device on the front indicating the color inside. As you unwrap it, you’ll find that the battery body is nestled safely in foam to protect the glossy finish and the internal components. Beneath the device, you will find a spare atomizer, a set of extra o-rings, the charging cable, the owner’s manual and an extra mouthpiece. We’ll talk more about the mouthpiece a little bit later. Overall, everything is neatly packed and easy to identify as you empty the box.

VAIO GO Starter Kit

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The Appearance

Unlike most other VaporFi products, the VAIO GO actually comes in a wide range of colors. While VaporFi has largely stuck to classy stainless steel and black finishes, this particular device is available in six gorgeous colors. Among them, the teal and purple are probably the most unique, and they look absolutely stunning when paired with their matching tanks. The metallic finish is an excellent look on the VAIO GO.

Aside from the color selection, you’ll also notice that the VAIO GO is a pretty small vape pen by today’s standards. The 22mm diameter is comfortable in the hand, and it doesn’t extend much beyond your fist when you have your fingers wrapped around it. It is the perfect balance between weight and size to give you optimum vaping capacity without feeling too heavy.

vaporfi au vaio go device in blue

The Features

The VAIO GO offers a number of promising features for vapers old and new. With a 2000 mAh battery, it gives you more life and power than many of the small vape pens in its class which tend to be around 1500-1800 mAh. It also houses an impressive 3 ml e-liquid tank, which is a step up from the 1-1.5 ml tanks that are common on small vape pens.

The entire device depends on a convenient one-button operation system. Five clicks turns it on and off, and then you’re ready to go. As soon as you press the firing button you will feel the heat ramping up. There is very little lag or delay when you hit the button. It operates at a constant wattage to give you a scientifically balanced approach to vaping.

A simple LED light helps you maintain the health of your battery and device. Green means the battery is good, yellow means the battery has reached 50% and red means the battery is below 25%. This system is both intuitive and effective for vapers of every skill level.

vaporfi au vaio go blue mouthpiece

The Accessories

The VAIO GO wouldn’t truly be an all-in-one unless it had something for everybody. The good news is that VaporFi did an awesome job of providing just that. For instance, you’ll find that the starter kit comes with two different atomizers: 0.5 ohm and 1.5 ohm. It also comes with two different mouthpieces featuring unique contours. The secret is that you should use the delrin tip with the 1.5 ohm atomizer, and pair your stainless tip with the sub-ohm atomizer. These accessories drastically change the way the vapor feels depending on whether you want a mouth-to-lung setup or a direct lung setup. The 1.5 ohm setup with the delrin tip is just a little bit more restrictive on the draw, and can produce that familiar feel of drawing on a filtered cigarette. Many people enjoy this level of resistance because they know what to expect. Unlike many of the wide bore tips on the market today, you’ll find that these two mouthpieces are particularly well suited to your lips and since the device doesn’t get hot enough to burn you with the vapor, they are very, very comfortable to use.

vaio go atomizer

Overall Performance

All in all, the VaporFi VAIO GO Starter Kit is one of the most well-rounded all in one kits out there today. VaporFi did an excellent job of making this device robust enough to handle all day vaping, while also making it versatile enough to serve a wide range of vapers well. The accessories included in the kit are essential to finding your ideal vaping setup, and they perform exactly as advertised. This device is great for new vapers who want a small, handy pen to learn with, or for advanced vapers who simply want a travel-size vape that doesn’t disappoint.

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