One of the most popular e-liquid flavors to ever come out of VaporFi’s lab is the incredible Strawberry Shortcake Ice Cream flavor created in conjunction with Cosmic Fog. This e-liquid tastes just like its ice cream forefather and truly gives you the feeling that you’re getting a treat off of an ice cream truck on a hot summer day.

What Exactly is This Strawberry Shortcake Flavor?

What Exactly is This Strawberry Shortcake Flavor_VaporFi AU
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This signature e-liquid flavor is a creamy, smooth rendition of the ever-popular ice cream bar. On the outside, there are tiny shortcake crumbles, while the inside is filled with vanilla ice cream and strawberry syrup twisted together. The combination is rich and creamy with just the right level of sweet and tangy hidden inside. As you vape, you’ll notice that the layers unfold a little at a time so it tastes like you’re taking a bite right out of the ice cream bar and feeling all of the parts blending together.

Even those who are not normally a fan of strawberry e-liquids can really enjoy this flavor. The layers of the flavor are perfectly placed so you get just the right amount of strawberry without being overwhelmed. The creamy vanilla center really carries the lightness of the strawberry well, and the shortcake crumbles have a certain dry, sugary density to them that fills out all the corners of your taste buds.

The Makeup

The Makeup_VaporFi AU
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There are some important features that make this e-liquid stand out from other strawberry shortcake options. For starters, this flavor is built upon a robust 70% VG blend. This makes the liquid a little bit heavier out of the bottle, but also produces very large vapor clouds when used with a sub-ohm device. This is one of the highest VG ratios you will find, aside from the MAX VG variants. VaporFi uses kosher grade nicotine and better than food grade base liquids so you can be confident in the quality and flavor of your juice. The liquid is mixed up in an FDA registered lab that meets the highest possible standards for operation.

You can purchase the Strawberry Shortcake e-liquid in 0, 3, 6 and 12 mg strengths. The 12 mg strength is plenty strong enough for someone who is quitting smoking and wants something nostalgic to help make the transition easier.

The Packaging

The Packaging_VaporFi AU

It may seem odd to talk about the packaging in a vapor juice review, but this product really is unique. It is just one of VaporFi’s collectible series. When you order a bottle for yourself, you will notice it comes in a box shaped just like a strawberry shortcake ice cream bar, complete with a bite taken out of the corner. As you open the box, the childproof e-liquid bottle will be tucked neatly inside. You can save the box as part of your collection.


Performance_VaporFi AU
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As always, we had to try this flavor out in a range of different vaping devices to give you a solid vape product review. Starting out in the 25-40W range, we found that the flavor was light and airy. It produced reasonably sized clouds, but it didn’t really give us a strong punch. Once we got into the 50-75W range, the flavor definitely became more pronounced and nuanced. It was easier to find the layers and feel them interacting, especially drawing out a bit more of the strawberry. This is also where we started to get a more billowy vapor cloud that carried a stronger throat hit.

Buying This Juice

Strawberry Shortcake Ice Cream

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While this juice was originally introduced as a special release with Cosmic Fog, it has become one of VaporFi’s best sellers. As a result, it is now available as a part of some great bundle deals, and in bulk. You can purchase Strawberry Shortcake Ice Cream in sizes up to 120 ml, which is enough to last most people more than a month.  Naturally, if you are using this liquid in a sub-ohm device, you might go through it a little bit faster. The new Shortcake and Bites Bundle is a great way to get your hands on some of VaporFi’s other signature releases, which feature candy and coffee themes. It’s a great deal and you’ll love getting a sample of their other great flavors.

Ultimately, Strawberry Shortcake Ice Cream is a perfect throwback to the days of chasing the ice cream truck down the road. The liquid paints a picture you won’t soon forget. If we had to categorize this liquid as just one thing, we’d put it more with the complex desserts than plain strawberries. Yes, strawberries do make an appearance, but even people who don’t love strawberry vapes can get with this incredible vanilla cream flavor. Check it out online and order yours today!

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