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How to Get More Vapour From Your Vapourizer

Typically, there are two types of vapers: the cloud chasers and the flavour freaks. When one begins in the world of vaping, one is often focused on extracting as much flavour as possible from the e-liquid. This usually produces a pleasant hit at the back of the throat that is full of flavour, and also provides that highly desired nicotine hit if nicotine is present in the juice.

But for many vapers, the thin and wispy clouds that typically result from vape pens at default settings can be a bit frustrating. For these cloud chasers, the bigger the vapour cloud they exhale, the more satisfying it is! As a result, they are constantly wondering how to get more smoke from vaping.

Blowing Bigger Clouds

VaporFi Australia - How to Get More Vapour from Your Vapourfier - Glamour

Whether you’re a dedicated cloud chaser or you find yourself wanting to explore a different way of vaping, blowing bigger clouds is not that difficult. The first thing to understand is that the bigger the cloud, the less flavour hit you’ll experience. The best thing is to try a variety of settings that result in bigger clouds and find one that gives you a happy medium.

In the spirit of helping all of the cloud chasers and would-be cloud chasers out there blow big, billowing clouds, here are some sage tips:

    1. Clearomiser

The first thing you might want to look at is a clearomiser that has coils designed for bigger clouds. A low-resistance sub-ohm clearomiser will typically result in bigger clouds, but there are also a lot of modified units on the market that have been tested and custom-designed to help in the production of massive vapour clouds.

    1. VG mix

One of the easiest ways to produce bigger clouds is to use a juice with a higher vegetable glycerine content. Many e-liquids have a 50% or 60% mix, which will produce some pretty decent clouds, but running one with an 80% VG mix is sure to result in a massive cloud!

    1. Wattage and resistance

Plenty of units offer vapers the option to increase the wattage. Increasing the wattage from your battery burns through your juice faster, but also helps to produce bigger clouds. Combine this with a tank that features lower coil resistance, and you’ll be blowing wicked big clouds in no time!

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The VaporFi Difference

Here at VaporFi, we understand all types of vapers. Whether you’re a cloud chaser or a flavour freak, we can advise you on the best mods, vape pens and e-liquids to achieve your ideal vape hit!

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