Banana Vape Juices

Naturally, it all started with the Banana Bash vape juice. This particular flavor is just as good as picking up a bundle of bananas from your favorite organic farmer’s market. Unlike other banana replicas that have that fake smell to them, this one really hits the nail on the head with fresh bananas straight out of the peel.

Of course, we couldn’t just stop there. We had to try chocolate-dipped bananas, banana-mango smoothies, banana ice cream and banana cream pies. In fact, our mad scientists may have gone a little overboard with the strange, but popular, banana cigar flavor. Don’t knock it til you try it!

Think banana flavor is too subtle? Pump it up a notch with an extra shot of banana juice and you’ll be seeing stars! Make sure you check back often because you never know what they’ll think up next! There might even be some banana nut bread in the oven as we speak.