Now available from VaporFi is another highly technical brand that has burst onto the vape scene - Wismec. These technologically advanced
Now available from VaporFi is another highly technical brand that has burst onto the vape scene - Wismec. These technologically advanced vape pens, mods, and tanks push the limits of vaping to new levels of power, efficiency, and style, with solid, chunky visual styling. Popularizing 3-battery mod setups with the Reuleaux, Wismec expanded their lineup to include devices that now range the gambit of the end-user vaping experience, while still satisfying the tech geek in all of us. Long-term support for their devices via firmware and customer service, paired with the support from our team at VaporFi, make their devices not only an excellent investment but also a reliable addition to your vape collection.
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Wismec first launched themselves into the heart of the vapor industry a few years back. They set out with an astonishingly talented group of engineers, customer service experts, and vaping connoisseurs. Through a process of thoughtful testing and development, they created a powerhouse brand that has yet to slow down its pace.

The History of Wismec

From the very beginning, Wismec took a very unique approach to solving the problems of the modern vaporizer. Instead of trying to change the face of the industry alone, they searched high and low for designers and innovators from across the world. They sent out private invitations for these designers to partner with them to develop something totally new. As a result, they were able to mix, match and borrow talent from a wide variety of other resources. Today, they carry on this tradition, searching for new geniuses to co-star on their journey toward a better vaping future.

Why Vapers Choose Wismec

Vapers turn to Wismec for several reasons. The first of which is their ability to operate outside the box, both literally and figuratively. While other manufacturers have stuck to simple box mod models, Wismec has turned things up a notch with devices like the Reuleaux, which offer a nice curvy profile that fits the hand. They found a way to pack more power into a device that is comfortable for nearly anyone to handle.

Wismec has also managed to make some serious improvements in the way vape tanks operate. The Wismec Elabo is a perfect example of a tank that goes above and beyond expectations to deliver crystal clear vaping quality. The quality fit and finish of Wismec's tanks and coils have made them notable among vapers.

Finally, Wismec has really worked to maintain stellar reviews of their customer service team. They routinely go above and beyond to keep their customers happy and deliver incredible products. In fact, even their software development team works overtime to roll out new updates and expand the possibilities for vapers who are already loyal to the brand. There is virtually no limit to what this company will do to stay on top of their competitors.

Wismec Products

Wismec has done it all. They are the go-to company for advanced vapers needing a highly powerful device. They came straight out of the gate with some incredibly strong devices, and they have never looked back. Wismec's starter kits shouldn't be categorized an entry-level product, as they primarily shine in the 200W+ range.

The other half of their business is firmly planted in the production of tanks and replacement coils. Wismec replacement coils come in several varieties built for close tolerance sub-ohm vaping. The incredible flavor and power produced by their mini coils and DS coils is second to none!

Best Selling Wismec Products

Wismec is best known for the new 220W Reuleaux, but that certainly isn't their most successful product. In fact, it gave way to an amped up 300W version later on. The 300W version is quickly becoming a staple in the vape community, and there is plenty to back up its position. Like the original Reuleaux, it comes with nearly flawless software and functionality, as well as more power than you could imagine.

Wismec's super luxury line, the Luxotic, is also a top seller for high rollers who want something built to be gaudy and exuberant. It comes in a selection of premium finishes that you won't find on any other device around. It's a classy all-in-one device that holds up to 7.5 ml of vape juice internally and it offers up to 100W of dependable power.

As far as tanks go, the Amor Mini Tank is quickly moving up the ranks. It is packaged with several Wismec mini starter kits, but it also makes a perfect addition to any vaper's collection. The Amor Mini is an easily concealed 2 ml tank with simple interchangeable parts. It can be filled from the top, while airflow is directed up from the bottom, driving large plumes of vapor to you. The goal of the Amor Mini was to be discreet and highly portable while also offering a simple way to refill and disconnect along the way. If you need a perfect mate for this tank, check out the Wismec RX Mini 80W TC mod, a compact powerhouse that is styled after the Reuleaux with a lighter touch.

VaporFi is thrilled to have Wismec mods and accessories now available on our site. You can join the rest of the vaping community in the 220W range and up with the help of either the Reuleaux or the Predator. You certainly won't want to miss out on the robust flavor and incredible fluffy vapor clouds produced by Wismec's ingenious tanks. There is just so much to love about this brand, we can't contain our joy!