VooPoo Tech

VooPoo Tech

In the past few years VooPoo has established themselves as exceptional device designers and have turned heads even in the crowded vape industry. Their steadfast dedication to quality and constant innovation have gained many fans.

In the past few years VooPoo has established themselves as exceptional device designers and have turned heads even in the crowded vape industry. Their steadfast dedication to quality and constant innovation have gained many fans. Let's explore the highlights of the VooPoo collection here… 


VooPoo Pod Systems 

VooPoo Doric 60 Starter Kit

Looking for a mid sized pod mod that delivers all the premium VooPoo features? The Doric 60 features 60 watts of output, the hyper-intelligent GENE.IT chip and is compatible with the entire range of VooPoo PNPN coils. Snag yours today…

VooPoo Vinci 2 Starter Kit

The Vinci 2 is a work of pod mod art. VooPoo have outdone themselves this time, packing top-tier features into a reasonably compact pod mod. 50 watts of output, an integrated 1500 mAh battery, and an epic 6.5 mL pod capacity make the Vinci 2 a standout! 


VooPoo Drag Nano 2 Starter Kit

The smallest device in VooPoo's acclaimed Drag series, the Nano 2 punches well above its weight. Also featuring the cutting edge GENE chip, this portable mod has an ultra-fast ignition speed as 3 adjustable modes of operation. Order yours now…

VooPoo Box Mods

VooPoo Drag S Pro Starter Kit

A series vaper needs a serious mod to match. If you’ve been wanting to step up your vaping rig but haven’t been sure which device to choose, the search is over. The VooPoo Drag S is the ticket. This bad-boy vape offers 80 watts of output, multiple modes of operation, and a built in 3000 mAh battery all housed in a sharp and stylish zinc-alloy chassis. Discover the Drag S here.

Voopoo Drag 3 177W Starter Kit

The Drag 3 is an epic piece of cutting edge box mod tech. This beast puts out up to 177 watts of cloud chasing power, all tightly regulated by the hyper-intelligent GENE.FAN 2.0 chipset. Multiple modes of operation, a lightning-fast firing speed, and a gorgeous crystal clear 1.08” TFT Color Display make this a truly full-featured premium device. 


VooPoo Tanks

VooPoo PnP Pod Tank

An innovative hybrid of pod and tank, the VoPoo PnP gives you the best of both worlds. Experience a plentiful 4.5 mL e-juice capacity, versatile coil compatibility, and convenient bottom-fill system and you have a winner. 

VooPoo TPP Vape Tank

If you’re serious about cloud-chasing, you need to take this sub-ohm behemoth for a spoon. A 5.5 mL e liquid capacity, elegant magnetic design, and compatibility with the entire range of VooPoo TPP coils make this tank a must-try!

VooPoo TPP X Vape Pod Tank

Taking the TPP tank to the next level is the TPP X. Imagine the features and performance of the original TPP but housed in an improved form factor that features resilient stainless steel and PCTG construction. Choose between a variety of gorgeous colorways to suit your own unique style. Order yours today…


VooPoo Coils

Here at VaporFi, we carry the entire range of VooPoo’s incredible high performance coils. From VooPoo PnP Coils to VooPoo TPP Coils and VooPoo UFORCE Coils, it’s never been easier to find replacement parts for your device or take things to the next level with customization. Explore the whole collection here at VaporFi.  

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VooPoo Tech is one of the newest vaping companies looking to expand vaping technology worldwide. They have made some bold moves and major statements regarding their place in the vaporizer scene and what they hope to accomplish with the help of their research and development team. It has all culminated in a brand of vaporizers and accessories that are growing rapidly in popularity.

The History of VooPoo Tech

VooPoo Tech was originally formed back in 2014 as a research and development firm focused on creating positive health outcomes with the help of technology. Over three years, they built an extensive team of researchers and engineers before acquiring the WoodyVapes brand. At this point, VooPoo re-aligned their vision to become a leader in the vaporizer industry by using their background in technology and healthcare to create better vaping devices and accessories. Their first major advancement was to launch the development of a new high-end chipset for vaporizers with the help of GENE. Since that initiative began, they have added employees and rolled out several advanced personal vaporizers built with their proprietary technology.


Why Vapers Choose VooPoo

VooPoo has something special about it that draws vapers into the fold. Not only are they bringing a fresh perspective to the field, but they have also done an excellent job of clearly stating their objectives and telling the public what they hope to make of vaping technology in the future. They are invested in both the health and wellness of consumers, as well as the vaping industry as a whole. They are continually sought out because they are trying to make a positive difference in the world with each new development and idea. Customers who choose VooPoo are impressed by the quality and versatility of their devices, especially when it comes to the inner workings. Being able to select specialized chipsets gives vapers more control over their experience and their quality of life.


VooPoo Products on VaporFi

VaporFi has recently added the VooPoo Drag vaporizer and the matching UForce Sub-Ohm tank to our collection. We also have replacement coils available to complete the set. These are some of VooPoo's most successful launches to date, and we are proud to give vapers everywhere a chance to experience the unique personalization features that are included in the Drag. Going forward, we hope to add more of VooPoo's advanced vaping products to the mix as they branch out and fill needs in other areas of the vaping culture.


What Makes VooPoo Different?


At the forefront of every VooPoo designed product is a focus on wellness and intelligence. VooPoo went straight to the global market, hoping to infuse a new sense of creativity and healthful living into the industry. They boast of sharing their technology with the world in the hopes that people abroad will have access to the technology and tools they need to live their best lives. VooPoo is also focused on partnering with other thought leaders in the field and innovators in an effort to diversify their products and services into a full-scale technological resource for people from all walks of life. They have their eyes set on a prize that is larger than just the vaping industry. They want their vaporizers to be just one part of a larger health and technology revolution that enhances our ability to make the right decisions for ourselves and our families.


Best Selling VooPoo Products

The best selling VooPoo product in our collection is the Drag. This impressive 157W TC Mod comes in a smattering of bold and beautiful colors and patterns. It uses intelligent modeling and learning systems to give you recommendations for performance and setup based on your actual usage. With the computer modeling app, you can hook your vaporizer up and make extremely precise adjustments to your vaping experience while exploring the vast expanses of the Gene chip's capabilities. Furthermore, the Drag includes several specialized modes like SUPER mode that are meant to enhance the performance of the device in its upper wattage ranges. It uses smart technology to automatically adjust the output of your device to the best possible range. It is currently one of the only devices that give the user feedback and recommendations to further fine tune the vaping session.


VooPoo has plenty more in store for the vaping industry. While they may be new to the industry, they have a strong background, and their acquisition of other vaping companies has lent them a team of expert engineers who are pushing their products forward.