Vandy Vape

VaporFi is excited to now stock the highly technical line of vape products from the innovative brand, Vandy Vapes. It’ll be hard to find a copycat that puts out similar products or even the array of offerings as their team hit the ground running from day one.
VaporFi is excited to now stock the highly technical line of vape products from the innovative brand, Vandy Vapes. It’ll be hard to find a copycat that puts out similar products or even the array of offerings as their team hit the ground running from day one. These masterfully engineered vape tanks and mods have been the talk of the town for their bold, unique qualities and superior craftsmanship. Each device is made with different uses in mind, and all are built for intelligent performance.

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The History of Vandy Vape

With so many great vape device manufacturers already in the marketplace, Vandy Vape set out to solve a missing link in the equation. From start to finish, they have placed their focus solely on building high-performance atomizers. They have examined every side of the atomizer problem and created innovative solutions from the ground up.

Vandy Vape entered the scene in mid-2016, coming into a new frenzy of high end vaping devices. They discovered that many existing atomizers still struggled to provide vapers with leak-free, quality vaping experiences. Their brilliant founder, Stefan Zhang set out to find a better solution.

Within months, Vandy Vape had announced their very first next-generation atomizer. From there, they quickly expanded to offer half a dozen premium atomizer options spanning every area of the vaping game. They have created RDAs, RTAs, RDTAs, and a whole suite of new coil accessories to accompany their atomizers. Their creative new builds look and feel like nothing else in the industry today.

They have managed to simplify the building process, while also improving the overall build quality of each tank off their line. Their coil designs are second to none and have made rebuildable tanks even more desirable for the layman vapers among us.

Why Vapers Choose Vandy Vape

Vandy Vape has solved numerous problems for the pickiest of vapers. First and foremost, their creative coil solutions such as the Maze coil, make it easy to swap and replace coils while still obtaining a truly complex coil structure. Their coils are not over-simplified or watered down at all.

In addition, they have done an exceptional job of providing users with personalization options. Not only can you change the color and skin of your atomizer, you also have a wide range of different atomizer bodies to choose from in the first place, and each one has its own unique vapor path and structure. If you've been wanting options, they've got plenty.

Finally, we can't say enough good things about the craftsmanship of these atomizers. They feel very refined in your hand, and they look great too. You'll never be faced with parts that don't quite click into place, and you won't find any leaky tanks either. Their quality control process is top notch and it shows.

Vandy Vape Products Available Through VaporFi

First up, we had to make sure that the Vandy Vape Maze RDA was available through VaporFi Australia. This incredible drip atomizer is like nothing you've ever seen before. The coils themselves are flat and stretch across the bottom of the entire build deck. As you drip liquid into the chimney, you'll find that every last drop gets swept up in the vapor cloud. There is virtually no waste, and the vaporization process is stunningly complete.

We also made sure to add the Kylin and the Kylin Mini to our lineup. The Kylin really changed the way we build by taking a postless approach to the build deck. This fresh take on vaping offers an expandable glass section that can take you from 2 ml to 6 ml of e-juice liquid capacity. In addition, the Kylin features Vandy's unbeatable airflow control system that will overpower you with the strength of the vapor cloud. Four airflow channels allow for precision adjustments to suit any vaping profile.

The Vandy Vape Triple is their largest tank yet, coming in at 28 mm in diameter. For those who want a really robust tank that can handle complex three-coil builds, this is exactly what you've been searching for. It maintains the postless deck design and a wealth of different airflow options. You certainly won't be disappointed by the Triple.

What Makes Vandy Vape Different

Vandy Vape has taken a largely different approach to developing their atomizers all around. Instead of devising atomizers that are built for their own devices, they wanted to build atomizers that everyone could love, regardless of the brand of their device. In addition, they started over with a new deck and coil design to get rid of many of the challenges that new builders face when learning to vape. They even managed to change the way we think of drip tips by introducing an oversized 808 drip tip made with a range of different materials. They have truly thought of everything when it comes to atomizers, and at every turn they are developing new and interesting ways to push their products to the next level.

You can now pick Vandy Vape atomizers and coils from VaporFi Australia to fit any of your devices. We are proud to carry such a distinguished brand that really cares about the quality of the vaping experience. No matter what type of device you've been using, they have a product that can enhance your vaping and simplify your building. Just read the reviews and you'll see why so many people have fallen in love with this name.