Tesla Vape

Tesla’s e-cigarettes are a favorite brand in the vapor market for good reason. Their products are designed with high quality, cutting-edge technology, and truly innovative designs. In fact, Tesla products have some of the most unique vape MODs, starter kits, and atomizers in the market. Tesla’s vape products are driven by solid research and development process that keeps yielding vapor hardware that is second to none. Customers can enjoy Tesla hardware knowing that they have a long-lasting product that is built for longevity and safety.
Set Descending Direction

Set Descending Direction

Anybody brave enough to use the Tesla name today needs to be prepared to take on the biggest and badest brands on the planet. Fortunately, Tesla Cigs has done just that by creating highly versatile and expansive vaping technologies that blow us away. VaporFi Australia couldn't pass up an opportunity to share these imaginative products with our customers as well.


The History of Tesla

Tesla hit the ground running, introducing a variety of brand new vape technologies at their launch. They quickly expanded their lineup to include products geared toward every type of vaper, from beginners all the way up to advanced users. They also took the time to branch out and serve a wide range of vaping styles with exclusive atomizer and temperature control options. In the few years they have been selling their products internationally, they have never slowed down their pace of research, development, and release. They have continually beat their competitors to the punchline by introducing new vaping strategies and technologies at every chance they get.


As they have built their vaping empire, they have also proven that the customer-first mantra makes for a great product as well. They have held themselves accountable to customer expectations at every turn, and continue to put their best foot forward with each new device and announcement.


Why Vapers Choose Tesla Vape

Tesla has done so much to help themselves stand out from the pack, that it's impossible to choose just one reason that vapers love them. The inner technology that drives their vaping devices is just one side of a multi-faceted obsession with this brand. On the exterior, their devices have made a bold statement, including their highly coveted steampunk series cases. Being a part of the Tesla family is as much about the looks as it is about the practical applications of their products. From their tanks to their temperature control box mods, there is plenty of reason to put your faith in this brand and dive in on the deep end. You're sure to find something that takes your vaping game to the next level.


Which Products We Offer

VaporFi Australia is so excited to offer Tesla products on our website that we could hardly contain ourselves. We've loaded up on some of Tesla's very best devices, tanks, and accessories. We have the wildly popular Tesla Stealth in stock, giving you the perfect travel-friendly solution you've been looking for. We also have Tesla's 240W Invader III. If you're already a proud Tesla owner, you'll be relieved to find both Shadow and Shadow Mini coils available through VaporFi today. Plus we have Tesla's luxury carrying pouch and a whole lot more. We even went a little overboard and picked up some of the Steampunk finish products so you can share your love of mechanics and technology in the most personalized way possible. All of these incredible products are available in starter kits so you can enjoy a simplified buying process and get everything you need in a single box. We promise you won't regret it.


What Makes Tesla Different

When you first spot a Tesla vaporizer, you'll notice the distinctive finish that accompanies each of their devices. Many of their products look more like custom Etsy orders than traditional box mods. There is no such thing as a boring Tesla vape product.


When it comes to using a Tesla device, you'll find that the company has invested heavily in making your experience seamless from the moment you place your order. Each device comes with plenty of instructions and setup help, as well as an active community of users and Tesla representatives who are there to answer your questions and make recommendations. There is no such thing as feeling shortchanged with a Tesla vaporizer.


Best Selling Tesla Vape Products

Tesla is best known for the Invader III, and it's no surprise that it has been a hot seller here at VaporFi Australia. However, the device that really deserves a gold star is the Stealth. This little device is a masterful piece of engineering that features plenty of range and e-liquid capacity while still maxing out your vapor clouds in every possible way. For a mini-Stealth vape, you will love every minute with this device.


We also owe some credit to the Shadow tank, which has outperformed everybody's expectations. This tank was so popular, Tesla went on to release a low profile version that is great for on-the-go. It has also been widely successful and makes up a large part of our Tesla sales.


If you are looking for a vaping experience unlike anything you've ever experienced before, Tesla is vape brand for you. These devices and accessories exemplify everything that has become synonymous with the Tesla name, including an innovative history and a willingness to challenge the norms of vaping.