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SX Mini

There’s nothing “mini” about this brand, but their name hearkens back to their roots as one of the best manufacturers of vape mod chipsets. SXmini built their reputation from the inside out, and this shows on the devices we proudly stock at VaporFi.
There’s nothing “mini” about this brand, but their name hearkens back to their roots as one of the best manufacturers of vape mod chipsets. SXmini built their reputation from the inside out, and this shows on the devices we proudly stock at VaporFi. From rugged camo to sleek metallic red, their vape mods are not only a feat of engineering but also head-turners as well. With SXmini’s newest devices, they’ve elevated the vaping game, and above that of other electronics’ industries with features you might expect to find on a mod from the future. Shop our selection of beautifully crafted, technologically advanced products from SXmini at VaporFi - and be the envy of vapers and tech geeks alike!

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The History of SX Mini

SX Mini is truly a brand unlike any other in the land of vaping. While most manufacturers focus on building pretty vape devices with worthy software to support them, SX Mini did exactly the opposite. They started out building incredibly powerful chipsets to power devices long before they turned their sights on software development. In fact, they served the greater vaping community for years by providing unstoppable chipsets to other manufacturers, allowing them to adapt the capabilities of the hardware to their needs using their own software.

Finally, SX Mini set out on their own to do the things only they knew were possible. They used other companies as a testing ground for their chipsets until they were poised and ready to launch a full-on assault on the industry with their own complete devices. Straight away they unleashed the G-Class, a thoroughly luxury device that goes over the top in every way. From the inside out you can tell that the engineering team took their time assessing every single step of production and design.

Why Vapers Choose SX Mini

One of the most obvious reasons that vapers choose SX Mini is a general sense of excitement about what this brand has done. They played such a pivotal role in so many other devices over the last few years; it's certainly not unreasonable to think that they would go above and beyond to showcase their chipset in a device that they have designed from the ground up.


Upon the launch of their first devices, it became clear that SX Mini was not only serious about innovation, but also about quality construction and customer service. They have branched out to offer vapers a wider range of vaping profiles than we ever thought possible. While some companies are still focused on power settings, SX Mini has opened up a world of flavor settings and other manipulations to enhance the user experience outside of heat adjustments. 

SX Mini Products

Like the Mercedes of the vaping world, SX Mini has launched a comprehensive line of powerful, yet gorgeous devices and accessories. The Q Mini is one of their simplest devices with a smooth body profile and nice glossy finish. However, their G Class box mod is really the showboat of the brand. They have several models in between which offer varying levels of glitz and glam, but nearly every single one of them pushes the 200W threshold and delivers the very latest in temperature control and other personalization features.

Naturally, these devices are backed up by a suite of stunningly elegant atomizers and accessories. In fact, SX Mini even created a unique Beauty Ring as a means of adding some extra bling to your device. This simple cap adds a beveled edge around your mouthpiece, which reflects light at altering angles for a glittery appeal. Their Faucon atomizer is built to fit their devices precisely and it comes with the same gold-plated flair that their devices have to offer.

Best Selling SX Mini Devices

While SX Mini went way overboard on their Luxury Golden edition G Class, the truth is that their best selling devices tend to be those that are in the middle of the pack. They are reasonably priced but receive most of the same technical benefits as their top-end devices. For instance, the standard SX Mini G-Class device has been very well received. It comes at a nearly $300 price point, but it also boasts a 200W rating, Taste Curve controls, Joule adjustments, and Bluetooth capabilities. This device is meant to be set up with the help of a desktop computer to create algorithms for ramping up and down with precision.


The Mini Q is slightly more affordable, although still well above the $200 price point, but it features less of a glamorous exterior. It still comes with variable Joule mode, Bluetooth capabilities and more. Perhaps the most notable feature of this device are the five pre-set taste modes plus the five programmable memory slots. These make it possible for the user to quickly rifle between ten incredible saved settings to adjust for different e-liquid flavors and moods. It is by far one of the most versatile devices ever created.


Buy Your SX Mini Today

The world of SX Mini is now wide open to vapers of all kinds. If you've always wondered why people searched high and low for devices that had a Yihi chipset before, now you can see what it is really capable of on its own playing field. These devices are more than just a down to earth practical purchase. They are the epitome of high-end vaporizers with absolutely no limits on how outrageous and extreme they can be. If you've been aching for something that you can show off to your friends, this is where you should start.