Sony Vape Battery

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Just about everyone is familiar with Sony's reputation as the preeminent builder of high-end electronics. While they are best known for their televisions and sound systems, they have also done a phenomenal job of building reliable batteries for some time. In fact, they have become a leader when it comes to building quality, long-lasting 18650 vape batteries.


The History of Sony Vape

Sony was quick to recognize the need for consumer-friendly rechargeable batteries for the vape industry. They quickly set their team to building some specialized vapor products to compete with LG's batteries, the other big name in the game. Sony's specialized manufacturing systems have allowed them to keep up with demand for these batteries, while also ensuring that all vape batteries produced in their factories meet minimum safety standards for consumers. With so many fake batteries online these days, seeing the Sony stamp on a wrapper gives vapers peace of mind.


Why Vapers Choose Sony Vape

There is something to be said about brand loyalty when it comes to the Sony name. Most people are already familiar with Sony products, and understand that Sony has built an empire on quality. Sony has a well-documented system for handling warranty claims and other issues that may arise. They have also done a lot to protect their products against counterfeiting, so users can trust that they are getting the real deal when they see a Sony product. Furthermore, Sony continues to be a powerhouse of innovation, driving vaping technology forward by building more powerful batteries with longer range. Many of today's most popular box mods would not be possible without the advancements that Sony has made in battery design to date.


What Makes Sony Different?

You really can't miss the bright green wrappers on Sony batteries. Unlike other companies, Sony has left their battery wrappers quite plain with only a small QR code and identifying stamp on the side. This makes it possible for any user to verify the authenticity of the battery with just their smartphone in hand. Sony is doing an incredible job of courting vapers by building highly durable batteries at a reasonable price, and ensuring that their batteries stay in circulation as long as possible. This issue of durability is very important to vapers who frequently have to buy new batteries because of damaged wrappers and aging.


VaporFi is happy to offer some of Sony's most popular vape batteries in stock and ready to ship. If you need a reliable power source for your vaping devices, Sony Vape is ready to bring you up to speed.