Sigelei is considered by most in the vape scene as a foundational pillar of variable voltage vaping, which led to the amazing world of advanced and
Sigelei is considered by most in the vape scene as a foundational pillar of variable voltage vaping, which led to the amazing world of advanced and powerful vaporizers we see today. Here at VaporFi, we’re happy to bring you mods, tanks, and pens from Sigelei that represent all of the best qualities of the vape industry. Known by many for exceptional build quality over the years, this continued and can be seen and felt in all of their new devices. The Fuchai, or as some vapers call it - “the most droppable mod” (although we don’t recommend testing this), pushed VV vaping to the next level and became one of the most popular 100W+ box mod, now available in 250W+ variants and still going strong. Shop our full line of technically impressive vape pens, mods, and atomizers from Sigelei at VaporFi today and get the best deals from one of the best brands on the market!
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The History of Sigelei

Sigelei launched to significant fanfare in early 2011. After a slew of successful cig-a-like products hit the market, Sigelei entered the scene promising to deliver an even more personalized vaping experience. While early devices were mostly single-button operations that offered little in the way of feedback or fine-tuning, Sigelei found a way to give users more control than ever before.

After their first box mod made its way onto the scene, they started developing a range of vaping accessories to go along with the device. Then, by taking advice from customers and pushing their team to dive even deeper, they set out to master the new technology they had created. Today, the Sigelei team enjoys the sweeping success with many high-powered devices and a slew of perfectly mated tanks and coils.

Why Vapers Choose Sigelei

Sigelei has contributed so much to the vaping industry to date that many vapers turn to them out of both admiration and loyalty. They were among the first companies to recognize a real need for better customization features in their devices. They set the bar high and have continuously pushed it ever upward and outward as they explore new ways to improve their devices. They have also made great strides toward producing more efficient vaporizers so vapers can go further between charges, and get more vapor out of a single bottle of e-juice.

Sigelei also made a sizeable dent in the price tag of many high-end vapes. By creating a more cost effective vaping solution, they opened up the possibility of competitive vaping to just about everyone worldwide.

Sigelei Products

The current status of the Sigelei catalog is very concise. They have created a handful of masterful devices that are supported by four different atomizer and tank systems. They have engineered every aspect of these products to create a pristine vaping experience all around. You won't have to weed through dozens of half-baked ideas to find the true gems. Instead, you can cut straight to the heart of what this brand represents with the GLO 230W or the Spectrum. As Sigelei continues to develop new products, we can see that they are answering the calls of frustrated vapers everywhere by solving problems that no other company has solved. They are using innovative new strategies to provide better quality vaping and more reliable devices at every turn.

Best Selling Sigelei Products

Now is our chance to introduce you to our absolute favorite products from the Sigelei lineup. You'll be astonished to find such great deals on so much power and such beautiful devices.

For instance, the Sigelei Kaos Spectrum is a 230W TC Mod that comes in a package unlike anything you've ever seen. It is pure bliss to vape with, but it is also remarkably comfortable to handle and easy to navigate. As one of the most notable entries in the 200W+ range, you'll find that setup is a breeze and you can make tiny adjustments to perfect your vape in no time.
The new Sigelei TOP1 230W TC Vape MOD truly proves that Sigelei is serious about updating and improving every product they have ever released, past and present. The new upgrade features a better screen, more menu options that are smooth and easy to work with, as well as some intuitive self-sensing technologies that make temperature control foolproof.
The Snow Wolf has been a hot seller as well. It stands apart from nearly every device on the market currently because it was the first to offer a full-color screen and a quick charge function. Furthermore, it is one of the only devices around that is large enough to support a full 30mm tank. Interestingly, the success of the original 230W Snow Wolf led to a smaller 120W Snow Wolf Squonk Box that did away with the Sigelei tank altogether in favor of a unique new branded RDA and two internal 3ml liquid tanks. All you have to do is gently squeeze the sides of the box and you will be filled with an enormous sense of satisfaction thanks to the smooth flow of liquid heading straight to the coils. While squonking isn't for everybody, this new development makes it possible for hardcore drip vapers to enjoy the benefits of the Snow Wolf line, while those who prefer a tank can push their device to act more like a dripper.

Buy Sigelei Today

VaporFi is excited to share our love of Sigelei with all of our customers. You can now order these incredible products directly from our site and have them on your doorstep in no time! We're sure you'll find the reviews of these products are every bit as good as the products themselves, so it's time to discover the truth for yourself! You'll feel the Sigelei difference right away.