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Known in the vaping industry for their commitment to quality and extensive experience, Sense is a
Known in the vaping industry for their commitment to quality and extensive experience, Sense is a vaping brand you can trust. Their vaping hardware has consistently received excellent reviews from customers across the world, from America and Europe to Asia and the Middle East. Their self-described mission is simple: to provide only the best level of service for each and every customer. Sense products consistently demonstrate an intuitive, user-friendly design with features that allow for the ultimate customization of your vaping experience. You will appreciate smart design elements in their atomizers, box mods, and other vape accessories such as stainless-steel construction, adjustable airflow, and variable coil options.
Set Descending Direction

Set Descending Direction

Sense first joined the vaping game as a vape manufacturer of premium quality tanks and atomizers. They introduced a number of incredible technologies, most notably their cyclone cooling system that allowed vapers to take advantage of high wattage settings without having to worry about burning themselves. Since their introduction, they have rolled out a number of new products, including their newest set of box mods, proving that they can touch all aspects of the vaping game and do a great job. 

The History of Sense

The history of Sense is relatively short. They hit the ground running and gained notoriety with the help of their Herakles sub ohm tanks. The success of the original Herakles inspired them to offer several variants, as well as a few different coil options to further personalize the user experience. They have introduced another new tank, the Blazer, designed for ultra high wattage ratings, and now they have two distinct vaporizer devices that are perfectly designed to work with their tanks. The result is an unmistakable level of quality and dedication to great tasting vaping and a more enjoyable experience all around. 

Why Vapers Choose Sense

For a long time, Sense's Herakles tanks drew a sizeable crowd on its own. This tank summed up everything you needed to know about the brand as a whole. The construction was second to none, the technology was innovative and exciting, and the setup was simple and straightforward. If you needed a sub ohm tank, you could count on Sense to handle any device with ease. In addition, their customer service has proven to be a valuable asset. Sense has been very efficient at dealing with warranty claims and customer complaints. They have maintained a strong reputation online across the board. When it comes to placing your trust in a brand, Sense has had few stumbles to speak of and is generally one of the most respected tank builders around. 

Which Sense Products are at VaporFi

VaporFi is happy to have a selection of incredible Sense products in store. First and foremost, we stocked up on the Herakles 3 tanks and coils in every color and style. We also made sure to get plenty of Blazer 200 tanks for those who want to check out the next gen of Sense tanks and see where they are headed. Next up, we have the LinkedVape Arrow and the V-Jet on hand, both of their 230W TC vape mods. Each one has its own strengths, but no matter which one you choose, you can be sure that you are getting a well-designed and constructed product that will hold up to years of use. The V-Jet is definitely a sleek, futuristic looking device, but the LinkedVape Arrow has some really high tech features and controls that make it worthy of your consideration. Basically, we have the full Sense experience here and ready to go for anyone who wants to go a little off the beaten path and try something totally new. 

Why is Sense Different?

Ultimately, Sense stands out from the crowd thanks to their early focus on tank builds. They discovered a range of interesting ways to make their tanks more enjoyable for the average user. They brought that same care and attentiveness to their box mods. While many other brands are following a similar mold, Sense has gone out of their way to add distinguishing features to each of their products, whether that is the cyclone cooling system, or the customizable 30-color LED display of the LinkedVape Arrow, or one of their other innovations. They have found a way to make their products scream premium quality without gimmicks. Anyone who carries a Sense product is happy to share the perks of their rig with vapers who are curious. 

Sense is the ultimate vapor brand for those who want intuitive products that deliver great quality. If you aren't already rocking a Herakles or a Blaze atop your device, you're missing out big time. However, if you want the full experience, you absolutely must check out the LinkedVape Arrow and see how Sense went straight for the prize with this brilliant 230W monster. They did not cut any corners or spare any expense when it came to the finish and fit. We are thrilled to have our hands on such mindblowing technology at a time when other parts of the vapor industry have started to plateau. This fresh competition from Sense is really something to keep your eye on going forward, and we can't wait to see what new tanks they come up with next!