Samsung Vape

Set Descending Direction

Set Descending Direction

When it comes to battery technology, there are few players who can hold a candle to the likes of Samsung. It's no surprise that Samsung was quick to jump on the vaping bandwagon and start producing 18650 batteries that could accommodate the increasing demands of high-end vapor devices.

The History of Samsung Vape

Samsung Vape is an extension of the globally recognized Samsung brand. Samsung launched into the vaping industry at full speed, given their expansive network of manufacturing centers and engineers, they were quickly able to roll out high capacity batteries unlike many of the battery makers who were working with lower capacity builds. Samsung was instantly recognized as one of the most reliable battery makers, assuring vapers everywhere that they could trust their batteries to be both reliable and safe for use in this capacity.

Why Vapers Choose Samsung Vape

As mentioned above, Samsung Vape is a safe choice among battery brands. At a time when the national news was questioning the safety of vaporizer batteries, it took a brand like Samsung to reassure the public that vaporizers can be used dependably. In addition, Samsung was one of the only brands capable of scaling up battery capacity quickly and effectively while other companies were still searching for ways to expand their range. Today, most vapers know Samsung Vape as one of only a couple primary sources of batteries where most other vaping brands have simply rewrapped and rebranded their batteries from one of the big three.

What Makes Samsung Vape Different

What more is there to say about a brand that has dominated electronics big to small around the world? Samsung Vape is just one more area where the brand is exceeding expectations and gaining consumer trust. In a market that is largely still marginalized, Samsung's investments in vapor batteries have legitimized vaping somewhat and proven that big name brands have an important role to play in the future of vaping as a whole. Samsung Vape has the benefit of many years of battery expertise on their side, and they continue to prove themselves as the very best at every turn.

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