VaporFi stocks all of the vaping industry leaders, and we’re proud to introduce the full lineup of high-quality products from Kanger Tech. Their offerings span the entire spectrum of vaping products and you can expect to find advanced tech for vapers of all experience levels.
VaporFi stocks all of the vaping industry leaders, and we’re proud to introduce the full lineup of high-quality products from Kanger Tech. Their offerings span the entire spectrum of vaping products and you can expect to find advanced tech for vapers of all experience levels. From box mods to atomizer tanks, Kanger produces some of the best vape mods and sub-ohm setups on the market. Their popularity is ever-growing as new product variants create a stable baseline for advancing the vaping industry forward by making reliable, easy-to-use products available to mainstream consumers.
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The History of Kanger

Kanger is and always will be a leading name in the vapor industry. They have established themselves with a healthy collection of devices and accessories that range from entry-level vaping to extremely advanced. They seem to have solved the puzzle of vaping at every level to make the experience more enjoyable and less daunting. Of course, they have also thrown out a bone to extreme vapers by building high-end devices for competitions and cloud chasing.

Kanger was one of the earliest brands to establish themselves as the vaping craze really took off. They were among the first to build personalized box mods for advanced vapers, and they took us far beyond e-cigarettes by adding power and control to an otherwise simple vaping device.

Kanger largely focused on safety as the number one problem to solve for vapers everywhere. Their hard work paid off as they made huge advancements in terms of resistance measuring and preventing overheating. They also found better ways to accomplish sub-ohm vaping without the risks that it posed in those days. Next they focused on accessibility, building a whole line of products that could easily be mixed and matched with plug and play coil designs. Vapers who were previously unsure of whether or not they could learn the technology were quickly put at ease by Kanger's streamlined approach.

Today they have built upon this history by rolling out ever more powerful devices without giving up their focus on safety and user-friendliness. Even their highest rated devices preserve their philosophy of simple, intuitive design and setup.

Why Vapers Choose Kanger

Kanger has been at the forefront of many major breakthroughs in vaping technology. Vapers largely trust Kanger because they have been so forthright about keeping vapers safe and encouraging better technology from their competitors. They have always served as a guiding light to those who are unsure of which direction their vaping should go. Perhaps the best part is that they serve all vapers equally, so new vapers don't have to feel daunted by the Kanger name. Everyone can benefit from owning a Kanger piece or two and learning how to work with the latest and greatest vaping software.

Furthermore, Kanger has also proven that safe and effective vaping can be done at a reasonable price point. When many high-end manufacturers were plastering their box mods with designer price tags, Kanger stepped things up with an economical, but fun alternative that vapers could get behind. This made great vaping available to those who were working on a budget, and ensured that vaping remained a logical transition away from traditional cigarettes.

Kanger Products Available at VaporFi Australia

VaporFi Australia is now bringing you all the latest Kanger developments. We started with the Kanger Top EVOD vape pen for those who are just moving away from basic cigalikes or traditional cigarettes. This smooth little pen is super simple to operate but delivers a strong enough vapor cloud to keep you on the right path.

Along the way, we also picked up the Kanger DripBox All-In-One. This incredible new device from Kanger features a built in tank that acts just like a luxury drip device. You'll find that you get more flavor out of this mod than you've ever experienced before, and you can do it without the hassle and mess of actually dripping. Vapers of all levels have applauded the DripBox for it's design and functionality.

We also made sure to pick up the Kanger Vola 100W box mod for those who want a dependable, durable standby that will get the job done. The Vola is easy on the hands and the wallet, and allows you just enough range to find a comfortable vaping configuration without being too demanding.

Naturally, we also had to stock up on the Kanger ProTank 4, one of the most important tank advancements we've ever seen. The 5 ml capacity is second to none, and the awesome top-fill design will make you wish more designers were thinking this way. You'll find five packs of your favorite Kanger OCC coils available as well.

What Makes Kanger Different

With Kanger, you never have to be worried that the brand will leave you behind. They continue to release new updates for their firmware upgradeable devices. They have worked diligently to inform their customers about the best ways to use their devices, and they have also published extensive troubleshooting information through their forums. As the preeminent guides to the vaping industry, they have set a strong example for all other manufacturers to endure the ups and downs of the industry and continue delivering top notch products.

You can order your Kanger devices and accessories now through VaporFi Australia. Check back often to see what new Kanger products we have added to our collection so you can enjoy it all right here.