VaporFi - you already know and love us for our in-house product line - is proud to expand our offerings to include all
VaporFi - you already know and love us for our in-house product line - is proud to expand our offerings to include all major vape brands in the e-cigarette industry. As part of that expansion, we’re happy to include long-time technology whiz kids Joyetech. Ensuring the everyday vaper had a great, reliable vape, Joyetech vaporizers were a staple of early vaping. They quickly expanded their horizons as the vaping arms race exploded, shifting focus to developing new technologies, but Joyetech has never lost their passion for providing the best vape pens.
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The History of Joyetech

Joyetech first made headlines when they entered the vaping scene in 2008. At first, they were largely focused on the Asian and European vaping markets, serving both with gusto and bright new vape pen devices. However, they eventually made their way around the world, launching their first US sales in 2013.

By this point, they had expanded their engineering capabilities to reflect an ongoing commitment to industry leadership and new technologies. They surged ahead of the variable voltage trend and moved on to ever more complex control mechanisms that gave vapers precise ability to manage their daily vaping. They stunned the vaping world with their first app-integrated vape pen that allowed users to carry a stylish e-cig while still having access to high-end vape personalization features via a computer.

Ever since they have expanded upon their technologies year after year, continuing to blow our minds with better screens, more accurate software, and more advanced user tools.

Why Vapers Choose Joyetech

Vapers have flocked to Joyetech ever since they proved the efficacy of their first eVic line. Now vapers know that Joyetech is a brand that's here to stay. They have never slowed down on the trail of new inventions and better quality vaping. They have also proven that their products can stand the test of time with unprecedented steps in the manufacturing process that ensure their e-cigarettes are nearly indestructible.

They have continued to pour all of their resources into research and development, often holding forums with vapers to learn what technologies are on the horizon and which problems still need to be solved. As such, they have found solutions to problems like ergonomics and screen controls, among many others.

At every turn, they are putting the needs of vapers at the very forefront of their process.

What Joyetech Has to Offer

VaporFi Australia is now selling a full suite of Joyetech products including their hit eGo All-In-One vape pen, as well as the new Penguin all-in-one device. We also have the modern eVic device, a follow up to the original eVic that put Joyetech on the map. Finally, the Joyetech Espion 200W box mod is in our warehouse, just waiting to ship out to those vapers who feel like they're ready to wide the most extreme vapor wave we've ever seen.

Naturally, there is a whole collection of unbeatable vaping accessories to go along with these devices. This includes replacement coils and expansive new tanks to give you even more vaping possibilities.

What Makes Joyetech Different

Joyetech has constantly stood out from the competition thanks to their ability to pack more power into all of their devices. They have never lost sight of the very things that made the eVic so popular in the first place. Now, even their simplest vape pens hold a power and user-friendliness that is hard to match anywhere else. They have taken drastic steps toward streamlining the vaping experience with a number of all-in-one products that are designed for mess-free, stress-free vaping.

They have also created new kinds of tanks and wicking systems to ensure that users get more great flavor from their devices with less wasted juice. From e-cigs to box mods, they have put every effort into making vaping more accessible to the masses, and they have succeeded not just in terms of technology, but also price. For instance, the Joyetech Penguin is the only device using their new Atopack technology to safely transport e-liquid and turn it into vapor at the press of a button.

Best Selling Joyetech Products

Currently, the Joyetech Espion is leading the way with incredible sales thanks to its 200W rating. It is on the high end of what Joyetech is capable of, but it is also a timely entry amid all the other competition hitting the 200W mark. It stands out for it's beautiful screen display and futuristic box mod case.

Next up is the Penguin. It is a hot seller thanks to its tiny footprint and innovative new tank system. Everybody is dying to get their hands on a Penguin to see for themselves why it produces such bountiful vapor clouds and pristine flavors. The mystery surely lies with the secrets of the vapor path locked inside.

Of course, the eGO AIO has maintained its place as the go-to vape pen for those who are leaving e-cigs behind and want a step toward something more powerful. it offers a larger tank capacity than other vape pens and has a longer battery range for all day use.

We have a wide selection of hot new Joyetech products available through our website. This is your chance to get the most trusted brands in vaping all in one great location.