Originating in the good ol’ USA, iJoy is a long-time provider of
Originating in the good ol’ USA, iJoy is a long-time provider of high-class vaporizers and vape tanks. Their dedication to the end user comes through in their product line, with intuitive devices that speak to the needs of their loyal customers. For years, iJoy perfected their technical engineering by manufacturing some great devices in an emerging market. This dedication has allowed them to become one of the most fashionable brands out there – with head-turning mods like the CAPO and Captain that completely break the mold. Personality is heavily stressed in iJoy’s mission statement, and this comes through in beautiful colors, finishes, and patterns. We’re proud to stock iJoy’s line of gorgeous devices here at VaporFi and invite you to check them out now!
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iJoy has been working long and hard to conquer the challenges faced by the vapor industry today. Principal among these is overcoming negative stigmas about vaping by creating safe, dependable products that deliver on their promises and make people feel good about the decision to vape. These qualities are exemplified in each new generation of iJoy products as they refine their designs and improve upon functions for a more intuitive user experience. Their dedication to solving this puzzle has enabled them to grow into a multi-national organization, serving a global market of successful vapers from all walks of life.


Why Vapers Choose iJoy

There are many reasons that vapers today are choosing to go with iJoy products over some of the better-known manufacturers in the market. A key determinant has been their unsurpassed attention to detail at every stage of the research and development process, resulting in products that truly fit niche users and don't leave them wanting.


In addition, iJoy has released a number of breakthrough vaping products and functions that have proven highly successful so far. By combining their problem-solving attitude with innovative new technologies, they have shown users that vaping can be whatever you make of it, and your device does not have to limit your enjoyment.


Finally, iJoy has made high powered and advanced vaping technologies more accessible by pricing their products effectively and making their products very user-friendly. While other box mods feature complex menus and setups, iJoy has gotten this whole process down to a science so users can dial in their settings right away and start exploring how great vaping can truly be.


iJoy Products We Sell

Here at VaporFi Australia, we have chosen a great selection of iJoy products to offer our customers. Among their greatest hits is the iJoy Captain, a massive super-powered device that features bold styling and a ton of great accessories to make your vaping experience truly your own. You will be blown away by the incredible sextuple coils and unique sub-ohm tank configuration that delivers unbelievable vapor quality. Naturally, we stock a full range of replacement coils, batteries, and other spare parts for the Captain.


We are also proud to offer the unique iJoy CAPO Squonk box. This box combined all of the best features of a full-powered box mod with the convenience of built-in dripping. This device offers plenty of power for high-end vapers, but it is really geared toward intermediate users who want to explore a better way to drip.


We offer several of the hottest variations on these products, and some great bundled deals to save you money on batteries and accessories at the same time. You can find a starter kit that is just right for your budget and experience level in no time.


What Makes iJoy Different?

While many other companies love to boast about their higher wattage ratings and fancy chipsets, iJoy has taken a much different path to proving their superiority by putting some serious work into their coil and tank designs. This is most apparent in the RDTAs that come as part of their flagship starter kits, but it can also be seen in the Squonk box design as well. They have managed to create coil systems that turn your e-liquid to vapor in less time, with less waste, for a totally rounded flavor. When you taste your favorite juice in one of these devices, you will be amazed that you have been missing the minor notes all this time.


Instead of relying on hidden mechanisms to claim their products are more powerful, they put all the money on the parts you actually see and use, so you can experience the difference first hand.


Best Selling iJoy Products

Here at VaporFi Australia, we have seen a number of iJoy products really take off with our customers. Most notable is the iJoy Captain X3 Triple TC Box mod. This product has been well received not only because of it's untouchable 300+W rating, but also because of its fit and finish. There are absolutely no rough edges on this device, and despite its size, it remains comfortable and easy to use. iJoy went ahead and provided a full range of accessories in the starter kit so you can explore its flexibility and find just the right configuration for you. In fact, this device is so versatile it can be powered by either 20700 batteries or 18650s, so you can work with what you've got on hand to get vaping in less time. The X3 cores on the inside are something to behold with both their power and performance on full display.


If you're curious about what iJoy has to offer you, we invite you to check out our collection of iJoy products today and read up on why customers are speaking so highly about this brand and their unique products.