Hellvape & Heathen

Hellvape & Heathen

The Hellvape brand is known for their pioneering approach to engineering premium-quality
The Hellvape brand is known for their pioneering approach to engineering premium-quality vaping products, using their innovative way of thinking to stay one step ahead of the latest trends in the vaping community. Consistently impressing customers with the ability to design intuitive, high-tech products for all their vaping needs, Hellvape is also recognized for their firm belief in making quality affordable for all customers. A recent collaboration between Hellvape and Heathen, another top vaping brand, turned the world of RDAs upside down with the introduction of their Dead Rabbit RDA. This premium RDA features a 4-post deck, coil flexibility, wide bore drip tips, and leak-free design – all at a reasonable price.

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Hellvape and Vapin' Heathen have come together to create none other than the infamous Dead Rabbit RTA. This unique pairing of brain power between some of the industry's best atomizer builders and one of the most prolific vapor reviewers on the web is worthy of a celebration.

About Hellvape

While Hellvape is now a full-service manufacturer of vaporizer devices, atomizers, and accessories, they are probably best known for their atomizers alone. They have created a full line of exciting RDAs, RTAs, and RDTAs that can produce a wide range of different vaping experiences. All of these atomizers are worthy of your attention, but it's almost impossible to decide where to start.

About Vapin' Heathen

The Vapin' Heathen is one of the best-known vape reviewers on YouTube today. His big personality and careful dissection of vapor products have earned him a huge fan base. Of course, his opinion has become highly important to vapers and product developers alike. That's why Hellvape sought him to get help designing their brand new atomizer. Heathen was able to give valuable insight into the features that vapers really want and can't get anywhere else.

Why Vapers Choose Hellvape x Heathen

The Hellvape & Heathen collaboration is driven by a little bit of celebrity and a lot of anticipation. Heathen has tried just about every atomizer on the market, he has strong opinions about what a great vaporizer should be, and most vapers trust his recommendations. Thus, he was the perfect candidate to develop something new and powerful that really delivers where other atomizers have failed. Big brands like Hellvape are always looking to capitalize on these opportunities, and this was no mistake. If you're a fan of the Heathen videos and you're already familiar with Hellvape, then this is a natural fit. If you're new to either one, you will certainly benefit from the creative pairing.

What Makes Hellvape x Heathen Different?

The biggest thing you will notice about the Hellvape & Heathen collab is that it brings to life all of the little wishes and wants you've ever had with an atomizer. For instance, nuances like improved airflow grip and easy trim coil clamps are the kind of details that can only come from someone who has been there, done that. These are often details that are missed by engineers alone, and Heathen was happy to provide the input required to take this atomizer from good to great.

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