Grimm Green x Ohm Boy

The Grimm Green brand was created by a passionate member of the vaping community, and these homegrown roots keep it true to its mission of providing
The Grimm Green brand was created by a passionate member of the vaping community, and these homegrown roots keep it true to its mission of providing quality RDAs and premium e-liquid. If you are looking for products created by someone who is actually a genuine participant in the vaping lifestyle, then you will find that Grimm Green is exactly what you are hoping to find. With ingenuity and design that can only come from an inside perspective on the vaping experience, Grimm Green vaping products are a favorite for many. VaporFi is especially thrilled to be a carrier of the Recoil Rebel RDA – a collaboration between GrimmGreen and OhmBoy OC.
Set Descending Direction

Set Descending Direction

Attention vapers new and old! Grimm Green x Ohm Boy is here, and you should be excited! As two very successful independent brands, both Grimm Green and Ohm Boy are well known throughout the vaping community. However, the Grimm Green x Ohm Boy collaboration takes things to a whole new level with a spectacular RDA!


About Grimm Green x Ohm Boy

Grimm Green is best known for his online presence as an expert vaper and reviewer. He has created dozens of in-depth videos exploring the ins and outs of vaping products at all levels. He has a massive following online and is widely regarded as a source of knowledge and learning for those who are just getting started or wanting to find a new direction in their vaping journey.


On the other end of this collaboration is Ohm Boy OC, a creator of numerous custom box mod designs and other accessories. Ohm Boy OC also has a dedicated fan base that is always raring for some extravagant new creation from the brand. When the opportunity came to collaborate with Grimm Green, it was the perfect culmination of vaping genius.


Why Vapers Choose Grimm Green x Ohm Boy

For vapers who have seen it all, this latest collaboration project is a thrilling chance to get inside the mind of other vaping enthusiasts. With the Recoil RDA, vapers can see what it really means to build a product by and for vapers that have been carefully reviewed and critiqued by one of the greatest experts in the field. Not only did they do an incredible job of building the RDA itself, but they also created a handy toolkit to go with their system, meaning that it's easier than ever to set up your atomizer and enjoy a high-quality vape session.


What Makes Grimm Green x Ohm Boy Different?

As with any celebrity collaboration project, Grimm Green x Ohm Boy is simply different from anything you will find on the market elsewhere. These one-time projects seem to produce the most creative solutions to common vaping problems, and oftentimes they launch a whole new kind of innovation between the collaborating parties. Thus, the wonderful Recoil RDA stands up to the competition thanks to its ingenuity and thoughtfulness, which simply wouldn't be possible without bringing together such great minds.


If you're ready to see why so many people love the Recoil RDA, now is your chance to order one just for yourself!