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ESYB is the company behind some of our most advanced battery chargers to date. Their unique focus on smart charging technologies has led to some profound achievements in battery management and safety along the way. We are excited to bring you several of their most popular charging systems so you can see what you've been missing out on all along.

The History of ESYB

ESYB is the brainchild of some ex-Google engineers who knew that the vaping community was just itching for a better charging solution. In 2004, they set out to change the way vapers charge by creating both two and four-bay charging systems with integrated smart technologies. First and foremost, they made sure that their chargers had a number of safety features built in to protect batteries from overheating. In addition, they created smart sensing technology to make sure that all batteries in the charger are charging properly and evenly to prevent imbalances. Finally, they took their chargers to the next level with Bluetooth integrated features so you can track the progress and health of your vaporizer's batteries from your smartphone! 

Why Vapers Choose ESYB

As a vaper, ESYB chargers present a number of useful features. For instance, they give you more information about your batteries than you've ever had before, so you can make informed decisions about when it's time to charge, unplug, or even replace batteries in your rotation. ESYB chargers are also some of the most accurate chargers in the industry today, making up for other smart chargers that have been known to give faulty readings about the health of batteries. Finally, these chargers are portable and can even be used in reverse-charging functions for some products! It's like an all-in-one battery bank on the go.

What's Different about ESYB?

There are many things that make the ESYB brand stand out from other manufacturers today. Perhaps the most notable is the amount of care and thought that they put into their apps and products to give you the best possible information about your batteries. At every step, they have enhanced the user experience and made it easier for you to maximize your battery life. They are also focused on continuing innovation, making smarter and more efficient battery chargers to handle all of your vaping needs.

If you've been searching for a reliable, smart charger for your vaporizer, the ESYB family of chargers is here for you!