One of the most storied brands in the vape industry - Eleaf - is now available from us, your trusted friends at VaporFi, and we couldn't be more excited. Like many
One of the most storied brands in the vape industry - Eleaf - is now available from us, your trusted friends at VaporFi, and we couldn't be more excited. Like many e-cigarette manufacturers out there, Eleaf carved out their place in the market initially by producing one revolutionary product that completely changed the way we vape. Eleaf's selection of products offered at VaporFi ranges from atomizers and batteries, to kits and accessories. In fact, Eleaf manufactures their own vape starter kit series called the iStick series. The iStick, a model they have kept and perfected over the years, they expanded both horizontally and vertically, improving their existing models year after year while still managing to innovate. VaporFi is dedicated to providing the most affordable, authentic products available, and we invite you to shop our full lineup of incredible Eleaf devices, tanks, and mods today!
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Why You Need To Get Your Hands on an Eleaf

Eleaf made a strong first impression back in 2011 when they launched with the iStick vape pen. Unlike other vaping devices on the market at the time, the iStick offered straightforward operation and an incredibly powerful vaping experience. It did not feel underpowered or weak like the cig-a-like products of the time. It quickly became one of the top-selling vapor products on the market, prompting Eleaf to expand the series with a 30W and 50W variant. With each successive step, they also upgraded their tanks and atomizers to deliver an increasingly impressive vapor cloud. Today, the iStick is only one part of the Eleaf story, but it still represents a major part of what they do as a company and it has given way to even more modern advancements with their high-powered box mods

Why Vapers Choose Eleaf

It would be impossible to give just one reason that vapers continue to trust the Eleaf name. In truth, many people turned to Eleaf when they were new to vaping because Eleaf truly understood the needs of those who were just making the switch. In addition, Eleaf managed to grow with these new vapers, developing products that served them as they grew into vaping and out of smoking. Eleaf has also earned plenty of praise for their commitment to quality construction and reliability. While other vape pens may be fragile and flimsy, Eleaf makes sure that your device can survive the trials and tribulations of riding around in your pocket everywhere you go.

For those who did experience problems with their devices, Eleaf answered the call with an unstoppable team of customer service agents. They are known for their timely responses to customer queries so you won't ever be left waiting for a device replacement. This has been a huge advantage to their overall reputation in the vaping field. 

Eleaf Products

The iStick continues to play a major role in the Eleaf family. It has now expanded into the realm of temperature control mods, giving advanced vapers even more control over their vaping experience. The iStick Pico devices are a step in the opposite direction with very high power ratings in a super portable form factor. For those racing to the top of the competitive circuit, the Eleaf iKonn 220W device is a masterful rendition of everything the company has learned over the years, and a range of brand new ideas that make it stand out from the competitors.

Eleaf's new iCare devices are a throwback to simpler times with clean, easy-to-use vape pens were designed specifically for new vapers. You really can't go wrong with an iCare device. Finally, they've rounded it all out with the new Aster All-In-One device, making vaping even more accessible without all the extra parts. All of these devices come in handy starter kits for a one-stop shopping journey. 

Eleaf also offers a full selection of matching tanks and coils for all of their devices so you can be sure that your setup is perfectly balanced for performance and flavor. Each Eleaf tank is meant to fit with a specific device for a truly engineered experience top to bottom. You'll notice that many Eleaf products use innovative tank solutions rather than standard external tanks. You can also stock up on other vape accessories including vape batteries and coils from this brand. 

Best Selling Eleaf Products

While the iStick itself has a lengthy history, it also has many variations. The Eleaf iStick Basic Full Kit carries on the tradition with the device that started it all. It continues to sell off the charts to new vapers. However, the iStick Pico line is making a huge dent in this trajectory by offering the same power in a smaller package. While this does reduce the range you can travel between charges, it does make stealth vaping easier on the go. The iKonn line has ranked impressively high for those at the top end of the vaping spectrum, making it into competitions and cloud chasing videos left and right. Advanced vapers who previously thought of Eleaf as a beginner vaping company will be blown away by how they handle themselves in the 200W+ arena. 

Before you buy a vaporizer from one of those other guys, consider what an Eleaf e-cig can do for you. Eleaf has done more to help people make the switch than many of the advanced device companies around today. They focus on innovative, yet simple, technologies that leave a positive impression and grow with the user. Now you can take advantage of their engineering with your very own Eleaf vaporizer in any size and color that fits your needs. Order online from VaporFi today to see why we are so proud to offer this brand on our site!