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In the world of vaping, providing the right power to
In the world of vaping, providing the right power to e-liquids and their hardware is important. Efest is dedicated to all matters that surround batteries, chargers, and their accessories. They realized the need for dedicated products that keep vapor kits functional and effective. Efest’s product selection in batteries and chargers is vast, covering many different styles across the board. With Efest products, you can be sure that you’re getting quality that is second to none while extending the life of your vaping products. Efest vape devices also saves you money, so you don’t have to replace your batteries and chargers on a regular basis repeatedly.
Set Descending Direction

Set Descending Direction

Efest was one of only a few vaping companies who recognized the dire need for dependable battery technology in vaporizers. When the vape industry was first taking off, manufacturers were scrambling to get enough quality batteries to offer their customers. In came Efest, proving that they could compete with the likes of Sony and the other big guys by offering the very best battery technology around. 

The History of Efest

Efest got started simply as a means of powering the vast array of vaporizers that were suddenly flooding the marketplace. They saw that many vapers were getting burnt out on 3000 mAh batteries at a time when some manufacturers were still struggling to offer 1500 mAh in their devices. 

Why Vapers Choose Efest

Over the last few years, Efest has built an extremely strong reputation as one of the most trusted battery brands around. The reviews speak for themselves, but these batteries are considered a premium product that can withstand hundreds of charging cycles without a problem. Their vibrant purple wrappers tell the world that they are the real deal. One thing that has really helped Efest stand out from the crowd is their manufacturing process. Anyone who has shopped online for vape batteries has probably seen dozens of off-brand companies offering batteries at a reduced price. Unfortunately, some of those companies are simply repackaging old batteries by re-wrapping them and sending them back out into the world. This dishonest practice has led to much weariness about batteries as a whole. Efest has managed to overcome these trust issues by ensuring that all of their batteries meet strict quality control guidelines. When you receive an Efest battery, you know that the wrapper accurately depicts the specifications of the product, and when you buy multiple batteries, you can count on the fact that they will perform consistently. 

Efest Products at VaporFi

VaporFi is happy to have a selection of incredible Efest products in stock today. You can choose from their most popular IMR batteries in both 18650 and 26650 sizes. We have their largest capacity batteries on hand so you can enjoy the range and flexibility of 3000 mAh wherever you go. These genuine 35A and 50A batteries are the most dependable batteries you can get these days, and they will read perfectly in any device you happen to be using. 

Aside from Efest's batteries, we also have several of their custom charging stations available as well. The LUC universal chargers make for simple charging. These systems are straightforward and provide feedback in the way of LED lights so you can easily see how your batteries are doing and when they are done. However, the real star of the show is Efest's Lush Q4 Intelligent Charger. This 4-bay charger features smart sensing features that automatically detect any issues with your batteries and alerts you if it believes the battery has been damaged internally. This system also knows how to shut off power before a battery goes into thermal runaway, and contains safety features so you can charge up all your batteries worry-free. If you don't already have an intelligent charger at home, now is the time to get one. These chargers are the best way to protect you and your batteries long term and will ensure that your batteries are properly cared for when they are on the charger. You will get more life out of any battery when using an intelligent charging system.

What Makes Efest Different

Efest is a perfect example of a company that takes their products seriously and applies great care to the performance of every piece leaving their warehouse. They understand the important role that their batteries play in people's lives, and they have gone above and beyond to build not just great batteries, but great chargers to make the most of their batteries. If you are tired of buying batteries that go dead in no time, or chargers that seem to only work for a few months before finding faults, Efest is the company you can count on.