Cotton Bacon

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Cotton Bacon is one of the hottest products in the vaping world these days, introducing a new, simpler way for vapers to set up their wicks without the hassle. These unique cotton strips were designed by a team of experienced vapers who knew just what it takes to make the perfect wick. They started with high-quality organic cotton and spun it into narrow strips. Each strip is just the right size so you can pinch off a tiny piece, quickly thread it through your coils, and be on your way in no time. Due to the densely bound fibers of the Cotton Bacon strips, you will find that these wicks are able to absorb more e-liquid and provide fuller hits each and every time.

Why Vapers Choose Cotton Bacon

Cotton Bacon has become a favorite among serious vapers for a reason. First and foremost, the quality of the cotton is very high, meaning that it doesn't add any chemical flavors to your e-liquid as you vape. In addition, the density of the fibers produces a much stronger vaping experience by drawing up plenty of vape juice to the coil between hits. This has made it perfect for cloud chasing and trick vaping. Cotton Bacon is also one of the most convenient ways to vape. Instead of unraveling large balls of cotton to twist up some wicks, you can carry a small pack of Cotton Bacon with you wherever you go. A single strip of Cotton Bacon is easy to transport and will last plenty long to get you through your travels or your weekly routine.

What Makes Cotton Bacon Different?

Wick N Vape puts great care into the production of their Cotton Bacon products. This organic cotton is carefully cultivated and cured to eliminate the presence of pesticides, chemical bleaches, and other chemicals that could detract from the taste of your vape. As the cotton is woven into their proprietary bacon strips, it is worked over carefully to loosen the threads and make them soft and fluffy, just the way they need to be to absorb liquid properly. When compared side by side with other organic cotton brands, you will find that Cotton Bacon is significantly softer and fuller feeling. As such, a tiny bit of Cotton Bacon will last far longer than regular cotton fiber in your vaporizer

To see for yourself why so many vapers have switched to Cotton Bacon, check out our full selection below and order yours today!