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Coil Master’s line is now available at VaporFi and is here to save you from burnt and bloody fingers. They saw a void in the industry – a lack of quality rebuilding tools made just for vapers – and attacked it full force with some of the best engineering.
Coil Master’s line is now available at VaporFi and is here to save you from burnt and bloody fingers. They saw a void in the industry – a lack of quality rebuilding tools made just for vapers – and attacked it full force with some of the best engineering. No longer will you need to make multiple stops at the hardware store for some oversized or shoddy tools. With Coil Master’s Coiling Kits, Tweezers, and full rebuildable Coil Master DIY Kit V3, you have everything you need to make some amazing vape coils with ease. If you lack the time, knowledge, or desire to rebuild your RDAs or RTAs, Coil Master still has you covered with options like their Skynet Prebuilt Coils. Check out the full line today and enjoy the full-bodied flavor of a custom coil!

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In the early days of vaping, building your own coils was the edgy thing to do. You were going above and beyond the manufacturer to create something that was just a little more intense. Everyone envied your skill and wisdom. You had to piece together a workstation and tools to get the job done using only what was available at the time. But then Coil Master came along. 

The History of Coil Master

Coil Master was created as a helpful resource to vapers of all kinds. Instead of sending you out into the great big world of vaping to try wrapping coils on your own, they created a simple system to help you get it right every time. Their DIY coil kits were designed to give you everything you need to build, test, and apply your coils in no time. Over time, they continued learning about advanced coil building from the experts and released a number of updated coil building kits and accessories to make the process even easier. Now you can find a huge collection of coil building tools, storage systems and more. 

Why Vapers Choose Coil Master

If there's one thing Coil Master has done right by the vaping community, it has been taking the mystery out of the coil building process. Many early vapers had no idea where to buy the tools and equipment they needed to build their own coils. You usually had to shop in one place for tiny tweezers and wire cutters, and then go somewhere else to pick up a multimeter, and how did you even know if the multimeter was good enough for what you were doing? Coil Master solved that problem by creating a coil building essentials kit that got you off to a great start all in one package. It was affordable and user-friendly. 

Once they got the coil building kit down, they started working on some advanced testing equipment. This is an area that really enhanced safety in the community. With the help of the Coil Master test hub, you could install your coil in the device and observe how it functioned before you try it in your own vaporizer. This was great for practicing and learning from your mistakes, as well as priming your coils with a dry fire. Finally, the brand expanded even further to help vapers protect their coils and building equipment with tons of great storage options so you can make up a whole batch of coils at once and carry them worry-free. This made building your own coils almost as convenient as carrying a pack of pre-rolled atomizers with you, another big win for vapers everywhere. 

Which Coil Master Products are Available at VaporFi

VaporFi is excited to be bringing Coil Master products to the masses! Currently, VaporFi has stocked up on some of Coil Master's best selling products including the DIY building kit in its latest version, as well as the handy Coil Master Ready Box. You will find some replacement tools on our website as well, such as the super sharp tipped tweezers and ceramic sticks for easy wrapping. We are also happy to offer Coil Master's own pre-built coils in the Skynet system, so you can carry a huge range of different coil sizes and styles with you wherever you go. This is the largest collection of premade coils available anywhere, and it fits right in your pocket for grab and go ease. What's not to love? 

What Makes Coil Master Products Different?

If you've never tried any of Coil Master's unique coil building systems, you're in for a treat. The team at Coil Master is made up of coil wrapping experts who have been searching for a better way to wrap coils all along. They have taken great care in creating tools that make wrapping coils super simple and straightforward while offering a high level of uniformity and consistency in your results. They have backed it up with their own pre-wrapped coils and testing equipment to show you that the system is really working. 

If you've been wrapping coils on your own using a mismatched set of random tools that you found, the Coil Master set will help you organize your coil building sessions by putting everything together in one self-contained kit. They have also made safety a priority, and they are offering precision testing equipment that you won't find anywhere else to ensure that your coils are ready for use on a vaporizer and free of any shorts or hot spots. 

Check out the full collection below to see what Coil Master has in store for you!