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Set Descending Direction

As vaping has become more commonplace, more and more vapers have found ways to express their creativity through e-liquids. As such, vapers everywhere found themselves in need of a durable, convenient option for transporting and mixing e-liquids of their own. Chubby Gorilla was on the case. The family at Chubby Gorilla set out to create the perfect bottle for easy refilling, safe transport, and even child-proofing.


Why Vapers Choose Chubby Gorilla

There are several reasons why vapers have turned to Chubby Gorilla as the number one seller of e-liquid bottles. First, the bottles are made of a quality PET material that helps protect the liquid inside. All of their bottles are designed and made in the USA with the user experience in mind. The unicorn bottle design itself was created for easily dripping liquids directly into your tank. This simplified the process of filling your vaporizer tanks and removed the need for a separate dropper and open liquid. These bottles are durable and can be refilled hundreds of times without leaking or damage.


What Makes Chubby Gorilla Different?

Chubby Gorilla bottles are the only bottles made by and for vapers. Yes, you can purchase medicine droppers and small storage bottles for pharmaceutical and cosmetics purposes, but they are simply not as convenient as using the unique unicorn bottle design. In addition, Chubby Gorilla really went above and beyond to show goodwill toward vapers and governmental bodies when they introduced childproof and tamper-evident options on their bottles. This extra safety precaution means a lot to vapers who want to know that their e-liquid will be absolutely secure once it is transferred to the bottle.


Chubby Gorilla has also had a laser focus on the importance of scalability. While their early bottles only came in one size, now they offer large size bottles for bulk mixing your own liquids. This is perfect for those who want something to call their own.


Following the success of their e-liquid storage systems, Chubby Gorilla has also entered the battery storage game. They are currently offering a variety of battery storage solutions meant to protect your batteries while you travel.


VaporFi is proud to offer a variety of durable Chubby Gorilla bottles for our vaping community. If you are sick of carrying extra bottles around or making messes when you refill, you should pick up these handy unicorn bottles and see how easy it is to manage your tanks.