Augvape is known for their professional quality in manufacturing, designing, and researching electronic cigarettes. At VaporFi, we stock a wide selection of Augvape’s advanced vaping products such as
Augvape is known for their professional quality in manufacturing, designing, and researching electronic cigarettes. At VaporFi, we stock a wide selection of Augvape’s advanced vaping products such as atomizers, box MODs, full starter kits, and accessories. With Augvape, you are assured of quality, durability, and a vaping experience that is second to none. When it comes to Augvape’s atomizers, you can select from RDTA, RDA, and Sub Ohm tanks. Couple that with their Gragas and Zoom 60 Box MODS and you have powerful vaping products in your possession. We also stock Augvape’s full starter kits such as the Zoom 60 and Druga 22 RDA kits.
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If you haven't yet heard about the Augvape brand of products, you are in for a treat. VaporFi Australia is excited to announce that we will be offering Augvape products through our site from here on out. Augvape brings to the table many unique traits that vapers everywhere can appreciate.


The History of Augvape

Augvape began in 2014, coming to the vaping game a little bit later than the big name companies, but making a big impact nevertheless. They began as a small company, looking for ways to improve public health and education about vaping. In addition, they wanted to raise the bar by providing transparency in their customer service processes and turning out dependable products via a network of trusted partners all along the supply chain. They have impressed the world with their ability to rapidly scale up to global proportions with highly professional and knowledgeable team members at every step in their process. Today, they continue to expand their product selection with new mods and accessories that build upon their current catalog.


Why Vapers Choose Augvape

Augvape came right out of the gate with an impressive Squonk box design that captured our hearts and imaginations. It is notably less expensive than other squonk boxes, and acts as a mechanical mod, giving you more flexibility and control when it comes to vaping the way you like. For many people, it is the perfect starter kit if you are new to squonking or to mechanical mods because it is cost effective and does both tasks well. If you are coming from a regulated squonk box, this is a good place to begin learning your mech building skills and making the transition to more complex mechanical processes. Augvape has been quick to handle customer complaints, making updates mid-stream and fixing problems that customers have discovered with the design along the way. They have been very responsive to customer queries and remained helpful throughout the rollout of their vaping devices as they received feedback. Their active engagement with the community is a positive sign for many fans of the brand.

Aside from their interactions with existing customers, Augvape has also done a remarkable job of reaching out to the entire vaping industry by publishing a number of helpful guides and blogs on the latest vaping techniques and technologies. They have proven themselves to be thought-leaders, steering customers toward more efficient and effective vaping solutions, and educating the public about the benefits of not only their products, but of vaping as a whole. They have established an impressive library of topics for vapers of all kinds to reference and utilize to their advantage, proving that their brand is about more than just selling products. They have truly concerned themselves with what's best for the people.


Which Augvape Products We Offer

Here at VaporFi Australia, we have stocked up on the Augvape Druga 22 squonk box as well as a selection of Augvape's newest atomizers. The squonk box features their innovative mechanical squonk design as well as their mini-Druga atomizer. We also have the full size Druga clamp snap RDA, and several other drip atomizers from this brand available, giving you more options for accessorizing your devices.


What Makes Augvape Different

While Augvape has built several different box mods and mechanical mods, they really are focused on building products that serve the margins of the vaping industry. They have created new tank and atomizer systems that make building your own a lot simpler and more enjoyable. They have worked to solve challenges with leaky tanks, and have developed some self-sealing technologies that keep your products clean and dry. Their tanks look and feel different inside and out. They have gone a step above to ensure that each tank provides a unique value to the user that can't be found anywhere else. Plus, their support team is always working behind the scenes to answer questions about how these devices work and what you should expect from your new tank.


Best Selling Augvape Products

While the Augvape Druga 22 Squonk box does have a certain allure for many customers, the best selling products are really the atomizers. The full-size Druga tank can be purchased independently of the squonk box and is a strong standalone accessory for any vapor setup. In addition, the Templar is an exceptional bottom feed atomizer that features a top cap airflow system, flying in the face of most standard designs. If you have been searching for something totally new to flip the script on your vaping, the Templar provides an excellent example of how to do it.


To see more of Augvape's unique atomizers and vaporizers, just check out the VaporFi collection today and you'll find a whole new world of creative and thoughtful advancements in vaping technology. You'll love what you see, and now you can get your very own Augvape atomizers from a retailer you trust here at VaporFi Australia.