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When it comes to upmarket
When it comes to upmarket electronic cigarettes, few have better products than Asvape Tech. At VaporFi, we offer these high-end and fashionable devices that are backed by Asvape’s years of research and development. Asvape spends a lot of time tailoring their nebulizers, battery packs, and vape MODs for high-quality use. The hardware product selection enables you to explore various tastes and designs that suit your specific style. The field of vaping is steadily growing and gaining global recognition. At Asvape Tech, they strive to keep you ahead of the curve by providing cutting-edge e-cigarette hardware. Explore our wide selection of Asvape products today.

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Asvape Tech is here to make big impressions. As a member of the VaporFi family, Asvape is now offering exclusive high-end personal vaporizers online. So what is it that makes Asvape such a great part of any vaping collection? We're here to tell you.

The History of Asvape

Asvape got a humble beginning in Shenzen, China, near many of the other large vaping manufacturers today. Their story is quite simple. They named themselves A S Vape, for American Standard Vape company. Their goal was simply to become the very best in the industry and set the standard for what all vapers should expect from their vaping products. They set out to do this by capturing the luxury vape market first, starting at the top and working their way down. Thus, they released the first of several advanced personal vaporizers that feature exclusive materials and technologies that can't be found anywhere else. This tactic has worked well, and over time they have built a strong reputation among those who see their vaporizers as both practical and fashionable.

Why Vapers Choose Asvape

For vapers who enjoy living the high life, Asvape products are a perfect choice. Not only do they stand out from the crowd for their exterior design, but they also perform well above many entry-level devices. Yes, the price tag may be a little higher, but fans of the company swear by their devices.

Asvape has also launched an informational campaign, hoping to educate vapers about the benefits of vaping. Their website boasts many helpful articles and explanations of the health benefits of vaping, along with explanations of how the technology came to be in the first place.

Finally, Asvape has proven that they can deliver on their promises time and time again. While many of the luxury vape brands have been known to mark up prices without adding much substance to their products, Asvape has done an exceptional job of making each of their devices standalone. Vapers love the quality fit and finish of their products, and are enticed by the high wattage ratings and extra features packed inside.

Which Asvape Products are Available at VaporFi

Currently, VaporFi is offering Asvape's most popular vaporizer devices on our website. These devices are very unique and each one undergoes a rigorous quality control process before leaving the manufacturing facility. As Asvape expands their product selection, we hope to add more of their specialized vaporizers and accessories in the future.

Best Selling Asvape Products

Here at VaporFi, we are in love with the Asvape Michael VO200 mod. This device features a gorgeous gold frame along carved wood side panels finished with hand-drawn artwork. There are currently three different exterior designs available, each featuring an artistic theme and vision ranging from a mysterious gunmetal finish to the more exclusive 'Walking Dead' collection.

On the inside, the VO200 chipset offers advanced performance and a wide range of personalization features that come to life when you flip through the menus and adjust your settings. This includes everything from the adjustable power mode to the five memory slots for saving your favorite configurations. You can even create your very own homepage logos for the screen and so much more. This chipset also has a number of additional safety features meant to prevent dry firing and enhance e-liquid flavors. Vapers of all levels will be thrilled with the performance they get out of this device.

Why Asvape is Different?

Asvape is one of the few companies in the vaping industry that have set out to create a luxury product. While most other vaporizer companies have started with smaller vapes and built up to advanced mods, Asvape went straight to the heart of the vaping community and took suggestions for how to make a truly standout device. Then they painstakingly chose materials and features that would create a brand identity larger than anyone else. With the unique materials and finishing touches, it's easy to see how they have built the super sports car of the vaping industry with the Michael VO200.

Here at VaporFi, we are excited to bring vapers this unique opportunity to experience the finest in vaping. We look forward to seeing more from Asvape as they add new styles to their collection, as well as more advanced products. They are working hard to bring us incredible new chipsets and upgradeable firmware that everyone can love. They will never compromise on quality, and they will always place customer satisfaction at the peak of their business model because they understand that true luxury comes from a brand that can be well trusted and respected.