528 Customs

When it comes to vaping and vaping products, few can rival 528 Customs’ innovative and forward-looking product selection. 528 Customs was one of the first companies to design Rebuildable Tank Atomizers (RTAs).
When it comes to vaping and vaping products, few can rival 528 Customs’ innovative and forward-looking product selection. 528 Customs was one of the first companies to design Rebuildable Tank Atomizers (RTAs). And they didn’t stop there. At 528 Customs, all products were built off of innovation and superior performance. They started off with designing custom vape tanks that could perform in much the same way as a dripper. Over time, they have expanded the product selection to include MODs, RDAs, drip tips, replacement parts, among others.

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528 Customs has been showing their face more and more around the vapor industry of late, and it's no surprise that they are truly spreading their wings and growing into their own these days. VaporFi Australia is excited to be a part of this expansion by offering a selection of 528 Customs' best products to our customers.


The History of 528 Customs

528 Customs truly began as a custom mod shop for a small group of vapers. However, with the success of their first modification came a drive and demand that was unforeseen. The biggest problem was that it took a lot of work to replicate a modification of someone else's product over and over. What they really needed was a brand new design that worked from the ground up. Thus, the Monster V2 was brought to life, from the very first vision all the way through to final production. Why the Monster V2? Well, the team at 528 Customs was tired of trying to mesh traditional tank vaping with more powerful drip techniques. They wanted a vape tank that could seamlessly merge the two to create an unforgettable experience, and that is exactly what they did with their own Monster V2 tank.


However, their story doesn't stop there. 528 Customs became an instant hit with drip vapers, but soon there were more requests to collaborate with other designers and build even more powerful tanks. They set out to create the Goon series, a family of RDAs that features many different sizes and styles. They also worked with companies like DripTech to create a one-of-a-kind squonk box. You will often see their name plastered alongside other major manufacturers as they work together to develop accessories that jive perfectly with our favorite advanced vaporizers.


Why Vapers Choose 528 Customs

528 Customs has boldly gone where few other companies have ever dared. Vapers know that when you pick up an atomizer or tank from 528 Customs, you are getting the very cutting edge of vaping technology available today. They have learned from their competitor's mistakes, and they have always found a way to impress customers with advancements that make sense and deliver incredible flavor.


In addition, 528 Customs has fervently revised all of their designs to reach their very best performance. While other companies have rolled out some half-baked ideas, 528 Customs allows vapers to test their products in a real-world environment, and then issue revisions and updates to their products to keep progress rolling. They have never stopped trying to improve upon their designs.


Finally, there is simply something grand about purchasing one of the 528 Customs RDAs and having that glorious rose gold finish sitting atop your device. Each of their products exudes confidence and success with fine finishes and details. These RDAs don't look like anything else on the market.


Which 528 Customs Products We Sell

Here at VaporFi Australia, we stock the Driptech Squonk Box by 528 Customs, which combines a simple box with a powerful 528 Customs atomizer to give you the ultimate vaping experience. This is a great device to learn and play with, but also to expand your vaping horizons even if you are an experienced vaper.


What Makes 528 Customs Different?


528 Customs has a truly unique background story, and they have carried on with product development by doing some serious introspection about existing devices. They have disrupted the status quo by looking at the irritating flaws in their competitor's products and looking deeper to find real solutions. This has led them to launch highly successful product lines with very few complaints. Moreover, they have found a way to naturally compliment so many of our favorite devices already on the market. Their willingness to collaborate and conquer is a refreshing take on what it means to be a part of the vaping community, and vapers everywhere should welcome this kind of ingenuity. The one thing 528 Customs has never done is cut corners on their designs or materials. Each part of the process has been precisely managed to deliver RDAs that really shake up our expectations and set the bar higher each and every time.


If you are ready to be blown away by your next RDA, we recommend one of our favorite 528 Customs products today.