Atomizers & Cartomizers

Atomizers and cartomizers screw onto your power supply to deliver vapor and need steady refreshment to keep your gear in top shape. You will need these replacement devices to fit the customized VaporFi tank you’ve selected. The devil is in the details, but the basics are the same – atomizers heat your vape juice to the temperature required for vaporization. Atomizers are what carry the flavor in your e-liquids. They also determine the size and quality of clouds. The key is to match our replacement coils with your tank. Whichever tank you prefer, we’ve got the right atomizers to keep your vaping delicious and in style. Select from the models below, and change your VaporFi coil head or cartomizer regularly for optimal performance!

Atomizers & Cartomizers

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Everything You Need to Know About Atomizers

Atomizers are arguably one of the most mysterious parts of vaping. There is a lot of vocabulary used to describe different types of atomizers, and each year manufacturers of these components introduce new features and different functions which inevitably create new sub-classes of atomizers.

New vapers can easily get overwhelmed when shopping for atomizers thanks to the complexity of the language and descriptions being used. That's why we, at VaporFi, have set out to clear things up and explain everything you need to know about atomizers in one place. Read on!

What is an Atomizer?

The atomizer is the part of your vaporizer which is responsible for heating e-liquid and turning it into vapor.

Atomizers come in a variety of different styles including standard atomizers, rebuildable drip atomizers, and rebuildable tank atomizers. In addition, some devices use clearomizers or cartomizers, which are actually self-contained units which have an atomizer already built into the tank for ease of assembly and convenience.

All of these can be further broken down into a variety of other classes and descriptions based on the manufacturer's designs, but you will learn more about all of that later in this piece.

What Do Atomizers Do?

Atomizers serve as the heating element within your device. On one side, they have a terminal which screws onto your battery or device. The other side of the battery is typically a flat base upon which the coil is mounted, or in rebuildable atomizers, the base offers two battery posts with screws which allow you to insert your own coils.

All of this comes together with your battery to create a complete circuit for heating your e-liquid.

How Atomizers Work

When you place a coil into your atomizer and screw the atomizer down into your battery, your device's circuit is complete. As you press the firing button, electricity flows through the coil and causes it to heat up.

The rate that it heats up is determined by things like the resistance of the coil, the spacing of the coil wraps, the material used in the coil, and your device's settings. The heat from your coil is then drawn through the wick material, which is coated with your favorite e-liquid, as you draw in a breath through the mouthpiece.

Some atomizers have specialized airflow ports on the bottom or sides to adjust the way the air is drawn across your coil for better results.

Different Types of Atomizers

Aside from cartomizers and clearomizers which have their own atomizers already installed, there are three main types of atomizers in use today: disposable cartridges, replaceable coil head atomizers, and rebuildable atomizers.

Aside from cartomizers and clearomizers which have their own atomizers already installed, there are three main types of atomizers in use today: disposable cartridges, replaceable coil head atomizers, and rebuildable atomizers.

Disposable cartridges are relatively inexpensive and are frequently used by beginners thanks to their easy interchangeability. They can be purchased in packs of five, and allow you to simply unscrew and swap cartridges when your coil has reached the end of its life, typically indicated by a burnt taste while vaping. For those who are not interested in learning to build their own coils, these are a great way to get started and keep things simple for as long as you'd like. Unfortunately, they also cost more in the long run, and they have limited flavor and vapor production capabilities.

Replaceable Coil Head atomizers are the next step up along the atomizer learning curve. In this case, you are investing in a reusable component which lends itself to a higher quality experience. These atomizers are built to last and include more advanced options like adjustable airflow control and solid design. In this case, you are purchasing pre-mounted coils on a base which unscrew from the bottom of your atomizer and can be easily replaced. The addition of this one simple detail actually makes these atomizers perform significantly better than their disposable counterparts with few real challenges in building. They offer some cost savings over disposable atomizers, but less so than rebuildable atomizers

Rebuildable atomizers come in two varieties. They are the most complex type of atomizers, but they are far superior for performance and personalization.

You can choose from either a rebuildable drip atomizer or a rebuildable tank atomizer. The one thing they have in common is the building deck with terminal posts. Simply take out the tiny screws in the top of the posts and you can slip the ends of your coils in and tighten them back down. Some decks offer two or three posts, which allow you to connect more than one coil in a variety of different arrangements. There are dozens of videos and tutorials available online for creating different builds.

The main difference between the two is that a rebuildable tank atomizer includes the capacity to store several mL of e-liquid at one time, while a rebuildable drip atomizer only has a shallow well to hold a couple drops of liquid at once. There are a few benefits to both types of rebuildable atomizers, but the decision is largely left to personal preference.

Drippers tend to believe that they get superior vapor and flavor out of vaping because the liquid goes directly to the coils. On the other hand the process can be exceedingly complicated when you are on the go as you have to stop and add a few drops every few hits. In this case, a tank adds to the longevity of your vape sessions and offers more convenience if you are not in a place where you can stop to add e-liquid every few minutes.

These are definitely the most expensive type of atomizers to purchase at the outset, but the quality and performance is well worth the money. In addition, if you are able to build your own coils from raw materials, you will save a ton of money in the long run over buying cartomizers or pre-built atomizers.

How to Put It All Together

Every atomizer is a little bit different; however they tend to share the same characteristics. You will need wick material and coils if you are using a rebuildable atomizer. The wick sits above the coils and is used to suspend e-liquid above the coils.

If you are using disposable atomizers or replaceable coil head atomizers, the whole process is as simple as screwing the pieces together in correct order. If you are using a rebuildable atomizer, the options are completely wide open. You will need to determine how you wish to arrange your coils on your deck and tighten them down correctly. Then you will put the glass and top pieces of the atomizer back together, usually held in place by sets of tightly fitting O-rings.

Getting Your Device Ready for Vaping

If you have managed to get your atomizer re-assembled properly, the next step is to add e-liquid. Whether you are using a tank atomizer or a drip atomizer, you must make sure that your wick material is properly saturated with e-juice. Do not soak it until it is dripping as this will cause your coil to flood and malfunction. However, if your wick material is too dry you will get a dry or burnt hit, which is never a good experience.

Many RTAs are now being built with top-fill capabilities to make it easier to refill your tank without having to take your whole assembly apart. This is a recent improvement to the technology which is paying off in big ways. In addition, these tanks have come a long way in reducing the number of leaks that happen, ensuring that your e-liquids stay contained and safe from children, which was a concern among previous generations of tanks and atomizers.

Next, install the atomizer onto your device. Most atomizers today come with spring loaded 510 connectors and gold plated threads to improve conductivity. You must pay close attention to how you are threading your atomizer onto your device because cross-threading will cause permanent damage to both. Screw it down until it is snug.

Since tanks/atomizers come in a variety of different sizes, your atomizer may fit flat on your device, or may have some overhang along the edges. Many manufacturers offer tanks that are specifically fit to their devices to ensure continuity of body lines and appearance.


When it comes to atomizers, we at VaporFi understand that the possibilities really are endless!

For vapers who are just starting out, the allure of disposable atomizers and cartomizers is that you can get a feel for vaping without investing a ton of time and energy into learning the mechanics and circuitry.

For those who are confident in their ability to handle simple assembly tasks, and who wish to see a broader range of vaping capabilities, replaceable coil head atomizers are a great option. They offer a level of simplicity that makes them easy to pick up right off the bat, but plenty of additional functionality for their price.

Once you're ready to join the big leagues, a rebuildable atomizer is the only way to go. Whether you choose a tank atomizer or a drip atomizer, you will be sure to get the absolute best quality vape out of these options as you customize your own personal vaping experience.

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