Vape Mod Starter Kits

The term vape mod is typically used to describe vaping devices with enhanced features and personalization capabilities.

The term vape mod is typically used to describe vaping devices with enhanced features and personalization capabilities. Vape mod starter kits offer the user the ability to choose from a wider range of components and settings while vaping as compared to traditional cig-a-like devices. VaporFi offers a number of vape mods ranging in size and price from entry level to advanced devices. These mod starter kits come in a variety of styles and colors, and provide you with the basic technology you need to start advancing your vapor game.

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Vape MOD Starter Kits

How well do you know your vape mod starter kits? This guide will walk you through everything you need to know about finding, buying and using a vape mod.

Whether you are a beginner or you've been at it for a while, this guide will provide you with valuable insight about what makes some vape mods stand out from other vaporizers, and what you should look for when you're shopping.

What is a MOD Starter Kit?

A vape mod is an upgraded version of the standard vape pen. Vape mods are meant to be modified by the user. They provide an opportunity for personalization through the use of interchangeable components such as batteries, tanks, coils and more.

By contrast, a traditional vape pen uses a predetermined combination of a battery and an atomizer that only fit together one way and they are not interchangeable with any other designs.

Most mods are designed to provide the user with a better experience that more closely meets their needs and expectations when switching from analog cigarettes. Thus, a vape mod kit simply refers to the box that contains all of the parts and pieces needed to set up your vape mod for the first time.

Why Do You Need a Starter Kit?

A mod kit is the easiest, safest way to purchase a vape mod. When you purchase a mod kit packaged by the manufacturer you ensure that all of the components you are using are safe for use with that particular device. Once you are more familiar with the device and how it works, you can purchase other accessories on your own, but the kit is the best way to get started with minimal risk.

In addition, mod kits are a cost-effective way of getting into a new vape mod as they are generally less expensive than purchasing all of your components separately, and they typically include spare O-rings and tools that are useful for building your kit.

The only items that you will need to look into on your own are the e-liquid and sometimes the batteries, depending on whether or not your device has a built in battery. This makes it simple to pick up a single box at the store, choose a flavor and start vaping in as little time as possible.

What is Typically Included in an All-In-One Starter Kit?

The all-in-one device is a relatively new form of the modern mod kit. The all-in-one (AIO) device was created to offset some of the complexity that had found its way into more advanced personal vaporizers.

Taking things back to basics, these AIOs typically include a built-in battery and tank within the device body, similar to a basic vape pen where you cannot separate the components out. In some cases, AIOs have interchangeable batteries, but that varies from product to product.

When you purchase an AIO kit, you essentially get your battery, tank, device, mouthpiece and charger all packed into one. Most of these devices do not require the same level of construction as other advanced vape MOD starter kits that include a variety of independent components that must be put together before you can begin.

What is the Best Starter Kit for Beginners?

There is no single ‘‘best’’ mod kit that will serve all beginners, but there are a handful of products that have earned a great reputation as entry level devices. Ultimately, the best mod kit for you will depend on your budget to get started with vaping, and the qualities you are looking for in your device.

For instance, the VaporFi VAIO 75 is VaporFi's flagship all-in-one device. It is a simple, straightforward device that comes with a built-in 3.5-milliliter tank and 75 watts of power. For beginners, this is a huge upgrade from the 15- to 30-watt basic pens, but it isn't so challenging as to be impossible to learn with.

This particular model also has an interchangeable battery, which means that you can shop around for a battery with the capacity you need. It also is a temperature control device, which gives it more versatility than a plain pre-set vape pen.

On the other hand, the Vox Mini 40W is another great kit for beginners. VaporFi's Vox line includes built-in batteries, so you won't have to shop for those on your own.

In addition, the Vox Mini is easy to carry and comes with several power adjustments made available through a convenient LED screen on the front panel. In this case, you will need to choose a tank to set atop your device with the help of a vapor expert.

What You Can Do with High Wattage Mods?

High-wattage mods are all the rage. The reason is that high-wattage mods give you a much wider range of vaping possibilities. Remember, each e-liquid you try will taste different as you move through several different temperature/wattage settings. Low-wattage vapes leave you with a limited window for experimenting. High-wattage mods give you more flexibility with your vaping.

The Convenience of All-In-One MOD Starter Kits

As advanced personal vaporizers have grown in popularity, many additional products have been developed alongside them. This includes tanks, atomizers, alternative coils and batteries. The result was that vapers had to shop for not just a single device, but all of these extra components as well.

The all-in-one vape trend is simplifying things once more. These devices typically have built-in tanks and atomizers that are easy to swap out. They also usually include built-in batteries with a basic USB charging port so you don't have to have a separate charger plugged in.

These ultra-convenient mods are taking advantage of the advanced technology used in sub-ohm and TC mods, but they are repackaging it into a smaller, easier-to-carry system.

Is There a Recommended Setup for Mod Beginners?

When it comes to making recommendations, every individual will have their own preferences. While there is no single best choice, there are a few good rules to live by when you're shopping for your first vape mod:

You don't need 200 watts

Even most advanced vapers don't use 200-watt vaporizers. The biggest and baddest devices on the market are expensive, and they come with a steep learning curve. In addition, many of them are designed for very specific purposes, not necessarily casual vaping or trying to quit smoking. They are often built to produce massive clouds for competitions or similar extravagant uses.

You don't need to spend a fortune

Many of today's AIO mod kits are affordable and marketed toward entry-level vapers. They are built to give you a comfortable, convenient way to transition away from smoking without causing you frustration. You can pick up many of these kits for less than what you would spend on a carton of cigarettes.

Your lifestyle matters

Getting used to charging your vape pen can be a challenge and carrying extra e-liquid can be a hassle. When it comes to choosing the perfect device for you, make sure that you gear your purchase towards your lifestyle. If you are often away from home for large stretches, you may want a device with an interchangeable battery so that you can carry spares in your pocket and not have unexpected down time. You may also want to buy something with an oversized tank.

On the other hand, if you are constantly in front of your computer, you may consider a device that can be used on the charge with a feature called "Pass Through Vaping," which allows you to vape even while it is plugged in to a USB cord. If you choose the wrong device for your lifestyle, you may find vaping to be far less convenient than you hoped.

Vaping style also matters

There are two kinds of vapers, and two styles of devices to match. Some devices are designed to be vaped in a direct lung manner, similar to smoking a cigarette. Others are designed to give you a full mouthfeel before you take the vapor into your lungs. If this is your first time vaping, a direct lung device will probably feel more natural.

What is the Best Starter Kit for Smokers or Ex-Smokers?

As mentioned above, most smokers are familiar with the feel of a direct lung vape. Thus, you will probably want to look for devices that are specifically marketed for this purpose. Smokers who pick up a mouth-to-lung device first often find that the vapor does not hit them the way they expect, and they don't like the taste or the feel.

Keep in mind that these two different styles of vaping also produce slightly different flavors even with the same e-liquid, so you should experiment with both when you have the chance.

An AIO kit is also great for smokers because it maintains most of the simplicity of lighting a cigarette while also providing a robust flavor and nicotine hit. Many smokers complain that basic e-cigarettes and vape pens often leave them unfulfilled because they are not powerful enough to deliver. The AIO mod is a step up in terms of power that solves this problem.

There are a huge variety of vape mod starter kits now available through every major vapor manufacturer. As you shop for your next device, consider the four rules above for choosing a device that will fit your lifestyle and expectations.

You will find that some kits are designed for a quick plug-and-play experience, while others are geared toward more advanced vapers who can build out their setup using independent components. You can discuss your options with a local vape shop to determine what your skill level is and which devices might be best suited to your abilities.

Even if you are starting from the very beginning, the good news is that most vape mod kits are extremely versatile and you can grow with them by adding new accessories and learning how to master the fine-tuning adjustments of your device over time.