WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Mango Tango Vape Juice

What's Included

  • 1 30ml or 60ml Bottle of Your E-Liquid Flavor

The tender and sweet flesh of a juicy ripe mango is a taste so delightful that you will want to break out and dance. One taste of this e-juice and you won't even need tango lessons the deliciousness of this flavor will make your feet and body move in all of the right ways.

*This flavor is not recommended for use with tanks that contain polycarbonate

Specs & Features

  • Select Between 50% PG / 50% VG, or MAX VG

Customer Reviews

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Love it
Review by Tianni B.
Great quality as always, clean flavour and great price
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It's a yes from me
Review by Jeremy M.
A good mango juice. I've tried a few that are too sweet and some not sweet enough. This is the perfect balance for me.
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Absolutely spot on
Review by Robert L.
Absolutely spot on
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Good taste
Review by Tracy G.
Will order again
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Simply nice
Review by Penny M.
Again this is 1 of the nicest tastes & flavours u offer.
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Review by Huon G.
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Review by Bbk
Very tasty but takes a few tank refills to get the flavour out
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Mango Heaven
Review by Nat T.
Delicious blended with Cherry and Tropical :)
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Mmmmmm.... fantastic
Review by Chad
I love mango and this juice does not disappoint. The mango flavour in the triple shot is amazing and surprisingly refreshing. Definitely one if you enjoy true mango taste.
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Uniquely pure and less harmful than other company e-liquids
Review by Laila9
I bought e-ciggarettes from another company and am naughtily refilling their disposable cartridges. I can't begin to explain the difference between that of a NZ company and Vaporfi. Vaporfi appears to not only attain great flavour, but the purity of the vape, along with the quality nicotine feels natural to consume. In comparison, the other company's e-liquid gives me a small tightness of chest. I am sensitive to chemicals. Even as a smoker I could only smoke additive free tobacco, a specific blend that was only sold in one part of Australia. Now I find that I can vape with a wonderful product that feels pure and tastes wonderful. I hope you always continue to create e-liquids of such quality. I've bought this flavour again with triple strength (it is sweet and delicious with a true aroma of mango) along with a SMOK mod that I intend to use. Thank you for this wonderful product.

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