VaporFi Australia New Website Launch

Without further adieu, we’d like to welcome you all to the new VaporFi!

We have always believed in the spirit of change, evolution, advancement, and innovation. Our whole mission has always been about bridging technology and quality of life, and in keeping with our dedication to offering the best customer experience possible, we look forward to offering the very best through our newly designed website. So, head on over to to check out the new site and the amazing experience in store for you!

New Pricing

In keeping with our dedication to always striving to please, you will be delighted to see our recently repriced catalog, aimed at staying competitive with the ever-evolving industry. And, to further keep things at a great value for you, all orders over $250 USD will ship free! Additionally, you will now be able to transact in local currency to avoid

New Navigation

We are sure you will enjoy the awesome new look; a facelift is needed every so often! One of the first things you’ll notice as you begin scrolling through the site is our brand-new navigation, which we redesigned to be more efficient. We fully understand you want to get to where you wanna go ASAP!

Mobile Experience

Furthermore, in keeping up with evolving technology, you will notice that our offerings towards the mobile experience are now extremely efficient as well, because we know so many people are opting for a lightning-fast shopping experience via phone.

Recently Viewed Items

Since we are all about maintaining a great relationship with you, expect your experience on our new site to be all about your experience. If you’ve recently viewed items, they will show up as “recently viewed.” This is the perfect feature for finding what you’re after if you’ve been doing some research or browsing, and hope to purchase on your next visit.

Enhanced Search & Filtering

Expect faster, more intuitive searches too. If you intend on finding something really quickly, our new filtering system has been implemented to offer the fastest results so you can zero in on what you came for, without having to scope through the entire site!

Optimized Checkout

And, to conclude your experience, expect checkout to be a faster, smoother, more efficient process. Your existing account will remain the same, however, your time from start to finish in checkout will be greatly improved.

So basically, expect the same great VaporFi you’ve always known and loved, with a new, more modern, more efficient website ready to serve your needs! Keeping you satisfied, enabling your experience to be ever more enjoyable, convenient, and fun has always been our goal, and we hope you enjoy the new changes while shopping for your next mods, vaporizers, vape accessories, and of course, e-liquids.

Free Shipping Over $250 USD

In addition to our newly designed website, expect to see some other dramatic new changes.

Same VaporFi, New Look

Expect to find all of our thousands of e-liquids ready and available for shopping and custom blending, and at the same highest level of quality to be found in the industry! Expect the same top-notch customer service you’ve been accustomed to. Expect our warranty and return policies to remain the same, and always putting you first. If something can’t be found through searching, or you have questions or issues, please give us a call!

Your New VaporFi Has Arrived

Simply, VaporFi is re-imagined and here for you. Our new look was designed and redeveloped to better serve your needs, and we hope you enjoy the experience!

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