Have you noticed that your vape sessions end with a sore, scratchy throat and a burning sensation? Does your vape burn your throat upon inhale? Read on to understand why this happens and what you can do to make vaping more enjoyable. This is especially important if you are trying to switch away from cigarettes.

Why Does My Vape Make My Throat Burn?

There are several factors that can cause a burning sensation when you are vaping. The most common culprit is the propylene glycol, or PG, that is used in your e-liquid. While propylene glycol is safe for ingestion, it is known to cause some irritation to the throat. This is because it absorbs moisture from your throat membranes and your mouth. In addition, PG is often added to e-liquids to produce that strong throat “hit” feel that makes your vape device feel similar to smoking a cigarette. If you find that the throat hit is overwhelming, you can try a liquid that has a lower PG content, or you can go with a MAX VG blend that has almost no PG at all. This often remedies the situation right away. Some people happen to be mildly allergic to PG. While this is not known to cause any serious effects, moving to a VG blend will fix it.

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Another cause of vapes burning your throat could be your nicotine level. Higher concentrate nicotine e-juices content in your vape can cause irritation and coughing. People who are switching from cigarettes often overestimate how much nicotine they really need in their e-liquid. Try choosing a liquid with a lower or non-nicotine option and see if that helps reduce the vape burning your throat.

Low-end Devices

If you have switched e-liquids and your vape is burning your throat, it may be that your device is just not right for you. Low-quality devices and devices that are turned up too high in the power settings can both produce this problem. Make sure that you are vaping with a trusted brand, and ask for help from a professional getting started so you don’t burn your throat by having the power up excessively high. You may need to take a break for a few days to let your throat heal before you try vaping again on a lower setting.

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