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Why Does My Vape Pen Taste Burnt?

If you’re new to vaping, you’ve probably been caught off guard a time or two by a sudden burnt taste coming from your vaporizer. This burnt flavor can be enough to curl your toes and make you want to give up on vaping. Before you abandon your vaporizer, read this quick guide to understand where the burnt taste is coming from and what you can do to avoid it in the future.

Why Does My Vape Pen Taste Burnt?

A burnt taste coming from your vaporizer can be caused by several different parts of your device. However, it almost always has to do with a shortage of liquid getting to your coil. Essentially, the burnt taste is produced when your coils heat up but there is no liquid present to be vaporized, so it begins heating the dry cotton wick instead. Usually, you can begin tasting this while you still have some liquid in your tank or cartridge, but the burnt flavor becomes more pronounced as the wick continues to dry out and you keep vaping. Obviously, when you notice the flavor of your vape has changed drastically, you either need to change cartridges or refill your tank before it gets any worse. Here’s a rundown of things to check to ensure you never have to experience that harsh burnt flavor again.

Check Your Coils First

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By the time you’ve started tasting strong burnt flavors it’s likely that your coils have sustained a bit of wear and tear. If you know your coils are old, go ahead and replace them to get rid of any built-up residue that could be burning as you vape. If your coils aren’t very old, they may still need to be cleaned. Some e-liquids produce more residue than others, so you can rub your coils down with a cloth gently to dislodge that buildup or you can go through a dry fire cleaning to burn it off.

Check Your Wick

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A dry wick is the most common cause of burnt tastes. If your vape pen tastes burnt, check your wick to see if it is visibly discolored or darkened. Given the many tiny layers of the wick material, your e-liquid tends to seep down into the material, but not all of it is vaporized equally which can leave sticky, gummy spots behind where burnt flavors originate. You should be changing your wick regularly anyways, but definitely do so if your wick appears gunked up. If you change e-liquid flavors frequently this is also important because you could be picking up trace amounts of previous flavors that are causing the taste of your vape to change unpredictably.

While we’re talking about wicks, it’s also important to make sure that you are priming your new wicks before you begin vaping. Adding a few drops of liquid to your wick from the top will keep you from getting a dry hit on a fresh wick while it is still trying to pull liquid up from your tank. Make sure not to flood your coil, but get your coil just to the point of saturation.

Check Your Liquid

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Now that you’ve replaced your coil and your wick, it’s time to take a look at your e-liquid. These days most vapers prefer a high-VG liquid because it produces larger, denser clouds that are more flavorful. Unfortunately, VG is a little bit thicker than PG, and some devices and atomizers struggle with this. Your device may be having a hard time wicking consistently if the liquid is too thick. This can be even more pronounced if it is cold outside because the temperature drop will also affect the viscosity of your liquid. You can remedy this by choosing a slightly higher PG content in your juice, or by cutting your juice with a few drops of unflavored PG on your own.

On the subject of liquids, it’s also important to note that most e-cigarettes with cartridges produce the burnt taste when the cartridge is empty. Now is the time to replace it with a full cartridge and begin vaping again.

Check Your Power Settings

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With your coil and wick re-installed and a fresh batch of liquid in your tank, it’s time to talk about the power settings on your device. The simple fact of the matter is that the hotter you vape, the more likely you are to get burnt hits. Higher power and heat vaporizes your liquid faster. This means your wick will dry out in between sopping up more liquid, instead of giving you a slow, steady flow. Vaping hotter also tends to create more residue on your coils and opens up the possibility of uneven heating or hot spots on your coils. Simply turning your device down to a lower wattage setting could prove a world of difference in the quality of your vape. Remember, sometimes less is more.

Nothing Working?

If you still aren’t satisfied with your vaporizer or you’re struggling with continuous burnt tastes, it’s time to head over to VaporFi and see which one of their vape pens can enhance your vaping experience.

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