The latest trend in Australia’s vaping circle is selling e-liquids as either singlers or doublers. If you have never purchased liquid like this before, you may have a lot of questions about what you’re getting and how to use it. This guide walks you through the basics so you can make an informed decision about the e-liquid you’re buying. Let’s start by defining what exactly e-juice singlers and doublers are in reference to.

Do I Want Nicotine or No Nicotine?

When it comes to singlers and doublers, what we’re really talking about is whether or not you want to vape with nicotine. The simplest explanation is that a singler is meant to be vaped alone, without the addition of nicotine to the e-liquid flavor. Thus, the e-liquid you are purchasing is a single, full bottle of whatever flavored liquid you choose. It is already diluted to the proper strength with a base liquid and requires no further modification.


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On the other hand, a doubler is a liquid that you intend to add nicotine to in the future. The benefit of this system is that you can add as much or as little nicotine as you like; giving you the flexibility to create your own perfect blend. When you opt for a doubler, you receive a bottle of highly concentrated flavor that is approximately half full. It is then up to you to add your nicotine to properly dilute the flavor to the appropriate strength.

Why This Helps You

VaporFi Australia - What are Singlers & Doublers? Question & Answer

If you are used to purchasing pre-mixed vape juices, it’s easy to see that the system of choosing a singler or a doubler is quite effective for vapers. For those who choose not to use nicotine at all, it makes many vape flavors easily accessible. Meanwhile, for people who do use nicotine, it creates more opportunity for the user to customize their experience without giving up the selection of products available to them. With a doubler, you can create a nicotine strength that suits your needs, without having to round up or down to the closest pre-mixed variant. This may seem like a rather advanced concept, but it can also be helpful for those who are just experimenting with vaping for the first time and want to find the perfect nicotine level to make the transition from traditional cigarettes.

Essentially, the singler and doubler terminology is just another way that vapor brands are serving customers with more choices and better service. Now you know which one to order when you’re at your local vape shop. Customize your vaping experience today with our 3,000-plus vape juice blends!

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