There are many aspects that make up an excellent vaping experience, and as each vaper’s preferences vary, so do what they value most in their vape mod of choice. Flavor, throat hit, amount of vapor and more are all key points. There is no one best setup for all vapers, but when you want to prioritize one part of vaping, such as flavor, you can then find options that best suit what you want.

Also called an atomizer, the tank is key to flavor quality because it houses the coil and wick central to the mod. The question, then, is what is the best vape tank for flavor? Even here, there is no definitive, one-size-fits-all answer, simply because of how many brands and models of tanks there are out there. However, some picks stand out if you know where to look. Below are some of the types of vape tanks you’ll find, and examples of outstanding options for flavor fans to try out.

RDAs: Rebuildable Dripping Atomizers

RDAs are, strictly speaking, not tanks, because they don’t hold a substantial reservoir of e-juice within them. Rather, the liquid is manually dripped directly onto the wick. While beginners may struggle with nailing precise usage, experienced vapers enjoy the fine control over the strength of hits. Also, minimal excess e-juice combined with potent airflow means the chance of a burnt taste is reduced. As the name suggests, RDAs are also designed to be rebuildable, allowing fine maintenance and customization of your mod, provided you’re familiar with how atomizers work.

528 Custom Vapes offers premier performance in the Goon LP RDA, which features innovation in both style and function. High-quality airflow means you get the pure flavor of your e-juice, and this RDA also comes with a kit of spare parts and options for fine-tuning. For a more inexpensive pick that’s still just as potent, check out Vandy Vape’s Bonza RDA, with an array of air slots and a direct-to-coil chamber design for ideal flavor.

RTAs: Rebuildable Tank Atomizers

The primary difference between RTAs and RDAs is that the former have more conventional tanks for holding e-liquid. In turn, the deck that features the coil and wick is also housed within this tank. Frequent manual dripping is not required when using an RTA; so long as the tank is filled, gravity and pressure supply liquid to the wick. Though there are more individual components to disassemble and clean, an RTA still provides customizability that matches most RDAs.

Vandy Vape has another star selection to offer in this category: the Kensei RTA. With a honeycomb airflow design in the deck, you get high-quality airflow and great, rich flavor. The tank is built to be more accessible for maintenance than other RTAs, too. The Digiflavor Pharaoh Mini RTA, meanwhile, features a top-filling setup for easy refills and a juice flow control for a better handle on the volume of liquid in the wick compared to other RTAs.

RDTAs: Rebuildable Dripping Tank Atomizers

Between RDAs and RTAs lies this hybrid option: RDTAs have a tank that holds e-juice but replaces the flow mechanisms in RTAs with an “auto dripper” feature that drips onto the wick when you press the drip tip. You get both the ideal saturation for flavorful hits and the larger e-juice capacity that grants reliable draws. Some serious DIYers prefer RDAs with squonk mods – internal bottles full of e-juice that can be squeezed to feed into the wick – but for less experienced vapers, RDTAs provide a similar function with less hassle over the inner workings.

Among RDTAs, Vandy Vape does it again with the Pyro V2. Sturdy tank construction ensures leak resistance and smart heat distribution to avoid getting a burnt taste, as well as a long lifespan. The multi-hole airflow system still gives you excellent control over your hits, too.

Sub-Ohm Tanks

A different beast from typical rebuildables, sub-ohm tanks require a good understanding of the principles behind how vape mods work. By tweaking the coils to reduce their resistance to below one ohm (hence the name), these mods boost the power output in turn, which means stronger vaporizing. This practice is definitely not for beginners, but fans of sub-ohm vaping cite powerful lung hits as the main attraction.

Sub-ohm tanks like the FreeMax Mesh Pro are designed for this form of vaping, skipping the need to modify regulated devices. This is a durable, high-capacity tank that’s easily refilled through the push-to-open top, but its real claim to fame is the innovative multi-mesh coils that offer higher surface area and more even heating for potent flavor in each hit.

Turn to VaporFi

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