VaporFi What is the Best Mod for Clouds

What is the Best VaporFi Vape MOD for Clouds?

Vaping is a really fun activity when you hang out with your other vaping friends and just shoot the breeze blowing out billowing clouds of flavoured, wispy vapour. One thing that some vapers love to do is to see how big they can blow out their clouds, but the truth is that the size of the cloud varies depending on a number of factors.

What is the best VaporFi vape mod for clouds?

So, the moment of truth. This is where we breakdown everything about getting big clouds and which vapes hold up.

Vape Mods and Power

A big part of blowing out great clouds so that you can get your cloud chasing fix is providing more electrical power to your vaping device. Our VaporFi Vex 150 TC MOD is a dual battery wonder that is guaranteed to fire up to 150 watts into your device, allowing you to power up any size sub-ohm tank or RDA in the blink of an eye.

The VaporFi Vex is a great vape mod for cloud chasing because it ensures optimal electrical power to the device and guarantees a great hit every time, without any dry hits. With such an increase in power, your premium e-liquid will vaporise at a faster rate with each hit, thus allowing you to inhale more and then exhale a bigger cloud!

Lung Capacity

Now, the good news is that the size of your cloud isn’t totally about your lung capacity, but having a larger lung capacity certainly does help you to inhale more of the vapour.

Obviously, if you inhale more, you’ll exhale a bigger cloud! That just stands to reason. The good news for those with smaller lung capacities is that blowing bigger clouds isn’t only just about your lung capacity.


If you’ve tried one of VaporFi’s high quality e-liquids, you’ll already be familiar with their superior flavour and smoothness. A big part of this is because we use premium vegetable glycerine in our juices. Whether you’re enjoying one of our classic menthol flavours or one of our sweet dessert flavours, you’ll be enjoying a totally smooth experience.

But what does this have to do with blowing big billowing clouds? Well, the vegetable glycerine we use actually binds to water molecules in the air when you exhale.

It’s a bit like going outside on a cold and frosty morning and blowing out warm air. You’ll see a nice cloud of vapour in the air! It’s the same with our range of e-liquids – the vegetable glycerine actually allows for bigger clouds.

Chase Clouds with the Best of Them

Chasing the biggest clouds is part biology and part science, but we think that our range of juices and our VaporFi Vex 150 TC MOD will give you the best chance of impressing your vaping mates! Visit our homepage to learn more.

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