You may have seen the term clearomizer thrown about on the internet, sometimes used interchangeably with the term atomizer or cartomizer. In reality, the clearomizer and cartomizer have a lot in common, which is why they are often all lumped into the same category.

This guide will explain what makes a clearomizer different and how you can find the best clearomizers.

What is a Clearomizer?

The word clearomizer is used to describe the unit that sits atop your vaporizer device. It includes the tank, the mouthpiece, the coil, the wick and the base or deck. The clearomizer contains your e-liquid as you vape and is responsible for turning that liquid into vapor. In this regard, the clearomizer performs the same tasks as a cartomizer.

What Makes a Clearomizer Different From a Cartomizer?

There are two main characteristics that differentiate a clearomizer from a regular cartomizer.

    • First, as the name implies, a clearomizer is usually clear. This allows you to see how much liquid is inside of the tank at any time. In some cases the clearomizer is made of stainless steel with a small clear window on the side, which achieves the same purpose.

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  • Secondly, clearomizers do not contain polyfill in the tank that holds the liquid. Older cartomizers used polyfill similar to your wick material to absorb the e-liquid and hold it in the tank. Ultimately this limited the amount of liquid that your tank could hold.
  • Today, clearomizers are far more efficient at transferring liquid to the coils, so the tank is filled with e-liquid only. This means you can carry up to six milliliters of liquid in your tank, which is usually enough to get you through a whole day of vaping.

Types of Clearomizers

Now that clearomizers have become widely popular there are a number of different types available on the market. The first-generation clearomizers had the tank placed below the coil and the mouthpiece extending above that.

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Newer models tend to have the coils at the base of the tank, and the liquid moves downward. This setup also includes a central chimney that runs through the middle of the tank and helps cool down the vapor a little bit before it hits your lips. There also tend to be more adjustable airflow options with the coil at the base of the clearomizer.

For advanced vapers, the ability to add multiple coils is also very popular. Again, with the larger liquid capacity and larger deck at the base of the clearomizer, it is not uncommon to see dual coil clearomizers that offer improved efficiency and effectiveness when it comes to turning your e-liquid into vapor.

Benefits of Clearomizer Tanks

Aside from the differences in construction between the clearomizer and the cartomizer, there are several benefits to keep in mind as you shop. For instance, the additional liquid capacity inherent in clearomizers is a huge bonus, but it also saves you money.

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The polyfill material that is used to absorb liquid in cartomizers goes bad over time and tends to discolor your e-liquid flavors. Even if you use synthetic taste- and odor-free materials, you are still likely to see a change in flavor over time as the material gets gummed up.

A clearomizer doesn’t have this extra material in the way, so you are more likely to get a true flavor out of your vape, and you have one less thing to worry about maintaining.

Plus, since the polyfill completely absorbs the liquid, there is no easy way to change flavors in a cartomizer. With a clearomizer, it is significantly easier to wash out your clearomizer tank and fill it with something new, without having to worry that the old flavor is lingering around.

Essentially, when you purchase a clearomizer, you are investing in a more reusable and sustainable device. The clearomizer provides a better vaping experience with less maintenance costs long term.

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