Giving up smoking is a big commitment, but many people are choosing to substitute the habit by switching to vaping instead. Those who make the switch tend to notice some pretty immediate effects.

What to Expect

If you are thinking about picking up your first vape pen, here’s what you can expect from your very first hit onward.

Day One

The effects of switching to vaping are almost instantaneous. For instance, research suggests that within eight short hours of switching to vaping, your body already starts to reduce the amount of carbon monoxide in your bloodstream. Since vaping doesn’t produce any excess CO2, your body will dump it and pick up more oxygen instead. As you get more oxygen into your bloodstream, you will start to feel more energized. This process continues throughout the first couple days as your body continues to work the CO2 out and rebalance itself with fresh oxygen instead.

By Day Three

Over the next several days, your body continues to get rid of other toxins that may have been affecting your senses. Primarily, you will notice that excess mucus and phlegm are gone from your body, and you can take deeper, easier breaths. You will also notice that your sense of smell and taste begin to return rapidly.

The Next Two Weeks

As you continue to vape, you will find that your body continues to repair itself with time. While switching from smoking to vaping benefits begin to appear almost instantly, these next two to three weeks will allow your body to strengthen itself while your blood circulation improves and you adjust to more natural breathing overall.

And Beyond…

Over the next several months, your body will continue to improve its health slowly, working diligently to get rid of any remaining bits of toxicity from the cigarettes. You will continue to see gradual improvements in your ability to breathe and participate in physical activity with less strain on your lungs.

You will also notice that your body’s demand for nicotine will start to level out as it adjusts to the new type of nicotine that it’s getting. Most notably, your chances of developing cancers related to cigarettes will begin to drop off significantly by the end of the first year and will be drastically reduced by the five year mark. The longer you go without smoking, the lower your chances of developing cancer will be.

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There is plenty of research to support what happens when you stop with traditional cigarettes and start vaping. The good news is that you can start seeing results right away and start feeling better within just eight hours. If you’re ready to make the change for yourself, visit VaporFi today where we ship for free!

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