VaporFi Australia: What Exactly is Vape Juice?

What Exactly is Vape Smoke?

Given what we know about the health effects of second-hand tobacco smoke, it is only natural that people also ask about the health effects of the vapour from electronic cigarettes. Indeed, even vapers themselves might ask themselves the question: “What exactly is vape smoke?”

The Real Scoop on Vape Smoke

First of all, it’s not really correct to say that the vapour produced by an electronic cigarette is smoke in the same way that cigarette smoke is the product of burning the end of the cigarette. The coil in an electronic cigarette operates at a high temperature and literally vaporises the e-liquid contained in the tank. This vapour is inhaled by the vaper and then exhaled, producing a fine and wispy cloud of vapour.

Tobacco products are harmful to our health because they contain a chemical cocktail of thousands of toxic chemicals, many of them carcinogenic.

What is Vape Smoke Made Out Of?

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In contrast, this is what you’ll find in the vapour from an e-cig or vape pen:

Along with vegetable glycerine, PG is one of the major ingredients used in different e-juice flavours. Flavour fiends love it because it results in a stronger throat hit when using the electronic cigarette. The good news is that it has been FDA-approved as completely safe for humans, and it is used in common smoke machines and even in skin products.

Like PG, VG is also naturally occurring, considered safe and widely used in other products. For cloud chasers, more VG content in their juice means bigger clouds.

This ingredient is commonly used to thin down thicker e-juice when it contains a lot of VG.

There are hundreds of e-liquids available on the market to try out, including some of the best we have here at VaporFi. The great news is the best juices from the most trusted suppliers are all FDA-approved for human use and are naturally occurring.

Nicotine is a key ingredient in cigarettes, but is not considered a carcinogenic. However, other harmful chemicals in cigarettes make them dangerous to our health. Furthermore, if you don’t add nicotine to your e-juice, you won’t find any in your vapour either. Learn more about storing nicotine e-juices.

Vape Without Worries

VaporFi Australia: What Exactly is Vape Juice?- Vaping Without Worries

If you’ve ever wondered what chemicals are in vape clouds, you can now rest easy. Unlike the hundreds of harmful chemicals found in tobacco smoke, the vapour produced by electronic cigarettes is nothing to be worried about. So instead of fretting, enjoy everything the world of vaping has to offer and explore our delicious vape flavours.

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