We know that people often choose e-liquid flavors that complement their food choices to enjoy more flavorful meals. Thus, it’s no surprise that many people also choose to pair their favorite wines with some of our most popular e-liquid flavors in Australia as well.

E-Liquids You’ll Want to Try with Your Glass of Wine

Whatever your wine of choice, here are some recommended pairings that you can try for yourself.

Something Sweet

If you happen to be a fan of a dessert wines, you will find that Vapor’s Strawberrylicious flavor is the perfect complement. The sugary, sweet strawberry blend offers just a slight fruity change to your sweet port wine and gives it more of a decadent feel.

If you’re feeling adventurous you might consider adding some cinnamon to your sweet wine as well. The tingly hot nature of cinnamon gives your wine just a little bit of flare to keep you going. Red Hot Cinnamon is a good place to start.

A Dark Red

If you’re into the more robust dark red wines out there, you’re probably looking for something a bit more savory to go alongside it. Vapor’s American Red Tobacco has just enough spicy, earthy flavor to really blend well with a rich red wine.

Another match made in heaven is a dark chocolate e-liquid that sets off the heavier notes in the red wine. This is more of a romantic pairing, like a perfect Valentine’s dessert.


Chardonnay has a unique flavor that is typically very airy. You can bring it down to earth with a dense, creamy e-liquid like Berries n Cream or Very Vanilla. The weight of the creamy flavor gives the chardonnay a little more body as you enjoy it. 

Other White Wines

White wines are often colored by adding a light fruit flavor. Whether you choose berries or peaches, you are sure to get something nice. A tropical fruit blend with a bit of mint would also be a great choice. 

Oddly enough, White Zinfandel has a bit of a tangy touch that often plays well with a very creamy coffee vape. For instance, Catch Ya Latte and Double Espresso are both mellow coffee flavors that lend themselves well to this pairing.

There are tons of other pairings that you can create with your favorite wines and vape juices. While it may be more difficult, the best mix is usually found by pairing both your wine and your e-liquid to a food that anchors all the flavors together.

Find the Right Combination

In any case, the goal is to find a combination that stands out slightly from the natural properties of your wine and either softens them or sharpens them by adding a new dimension. Sometimes this means smoothing out a dry wine with a soft creamy touch, while other times it means adding a pinch of cinnamon to a sweet wine to give it an edge. 

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