We recently shared the best box mod for cloud blowing, but if you’re searching for ways to further amp up the size and density of your vapor clouds, there is one key component that you need to think about – coils. The type of coils you are using in your device can have a significant impact on how big your clouds are. So what are the best coils for clouds? We have the inside scoop on some of the top sellers today.

3 Best Coils for Cloud Blowing

Want bigger, better clouds from your vape device? If so, try equipping one of the following high-performing coils below.

1. SMOK TFV12 Coils

SMOK TFV12 Coils

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If you are not already using the Beast tank setup from SMOK, you should definitely put it on your shopping list. The TFV12 coils are great because they are very low resistance, and given the extra build deck space, they come with dual coils neatly stacked. This provides complete vaporization of the liquid as it flows in and around the elements. These are a must-have for your cloud chasing competitions.

2. Kanger SSOCC Coils

Kanger SSOCC Coils

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Clapton coils from Kanger are a very popular choice for any cloud chasing enthusiast. They are also available from many different manufacturers. However, Kanger’s SSOCC coils are a perfect fit for their subtanks. These coils are packaged in a quality stainless steel exterior package that builds up vapor well and produces a clean, flavorful vape.

3. Wismec Elabo Coils

Wismec Elabo Coils

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The Wismec Elabo tank has blown us away with its vapor production lately. These replacements feature three or five packs of super-low resistance coils in a gorgeous triangle. They are made to handle up to 120W of power, so they can take on some of the devices that the other coils can’t handle. Plus, Wismec made them super easy to swap out on the go.

Shop these Coils & More Accessories on VaporFi

The best coil build for clouds is typically one with very low resistance, and two or more coils working together to vaporize every last drop of liquid. You will find that the best coil build for big clouds is also one which gives you a nice, crisp flavor at a temperature that won’t tire you out while you are practicing. At VaporFi Australia we carry a wide range of coils and other vaping accessories. Shop online today!

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