VaporFi is proud to announce the launch of our Australian website! It is online and ready for business at

Who is VaporFi, you ask? Well, we are one of the greatest vape companies in the world! We produce state-of-the-art vaping hardware, top-quality vape juices and vaping accessories and offer them all with unparalleled customer service.

VaporFi has been around for years, serving the USA with our state-of-the-art vaporizers and incredible e-liquid flavors, and now we are coming to Australia to bring you the very best from our company. We proudly offer vape pens, regulated and unregulated mods, vape accessories and more than 30,000 e-liquid flavors.

Who We Are

VaporFi - Who We Are

VaporFi began as a team of engineers and designers who wanted to bring vaping out of the shadows and into the mainstream. While the majority of vaporizer manufacturers at the time were rushing to release one new device after the other, and struggling to maintain quality and performance, at VaporFi, we determined that we were going to focus on the customer first and stop at nothing to change the way vaping is done.

This meant starting from the ground up to design a comprehensive line of vapor products to help beginners get started, and push advanced vapers over the top.

Along the way we decided to build in top-notch customer service that goes above and beyond to ensure customers are satisfied with their products and they never have a problem with performance.

Of course, we also had to create our own line of e-liquids as well, so that’s exactly what we did. Today we are happy to say we boast one of the widest selections of vaporizers, e-liquids and accessories on the web, and we have earned a strong reputation for our excellent customer service worldwide.

Why Choose VaporFi?

VaporFi AU - 30-day Money Back Guarantee

When you purchase a device from VaporFi, you are getting much more than a simple electronic box. You are getting years of research and development through numerous studies covering everything from features to functionality to appearance.

We have searched far and wide to find the answers to all of your vaping needs and created a line of products designed to bring you the absolute best concepts in an easy-to-use format.

We have learned a lot along the way, both from our own trials and other companies’ mistakes. We have seen what is possible with the right combination of power and control, and we have implemented it flawlessly. Along with that, we have guaranteed that you will receive the absolute best customer service ever with us. Day or night, we are here to help, and we offer a 30-day money back guarantee on all devices.

Here at VaporFi, we have revolutionized the way you buy e-liquid as well. When you visit our website you will find that we have a huge selection of flavors from which to choose.

We took the time to study the flavors that vapers want most, and we have covered the field from fruit to candy, tobacco to menthol, desserts to breakfasts. We’ve got it all, but we didn’t stop there. We took it one step further by allowing you to customize your e-liquid even further. All of our e-liquids are available in several different nicotine strengths and you can also choose to add an extra shot or two of flavor as well. Maybe you really love our pumpkin spice flavored e-liquid, but you want to give it just a little more kick. Add an extra shot of flavor and turn things up!

Check Us Out

VaporFi - Check Us Out

Whether you’re new to vaping or you’ve got some experience under your belt already, we’re sure that VaporFi has the perfect product for you. VaporFi for Australia will be your new favorite source for e-juice and devices with plenty of starter kits and product bundles available.

Of course, if you’re not sure about purchasing products online before you’ve seen them in person, VaporFi will also be available in local vape shops as well. This makes it easier for you to get the items you need without having to wait for the post.

Our website is the best way to find great deals on our best-selling products, and learn more about up-and-coming product releases. We also have a huge library of information available through our blog so you can learn more about how vaping works, the latest vaping news, and how other people are pushing their devices to the limits.

You can trust that, with VaporFi, you will be getting the most advanced devices, best-tasting flavors, and plenty of support from our team all along your vaping journey. Visit us online regularly to see fresh updates for you and all your vaping friends.

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